Affirmation: My views on life drive my personal decisions

Affirmation:   My views on life drive my personal decisions

Affirmations & Reflections

Affirmations & Reflections

I spend
time each day analyzing life. I look at my experiences and those of others to
formulate my views on life. That process helps me to make personal decisions
that produce fulfilling outcomes.


Although I
have pre-defined goals, I often assess how realistic they are. I
look at opportunities around me and determine whether they are able to support
my goals.


My career
goals involve traveling and working from continent to continent. I view that
scenario as an ideal way to learn new cultures. I like to learn as much as
possible about life around the world. It helps to satisfy my quest for
knowledge and openness.


I believe that a fair
environment results in good relationships with others.
My daily commitment is to be fair
to everyone I interact with.


At work, I
allow my team members to have a voice. My predisposition to fairness helps me
be a more effective leader and encourages support from others.


I base my friendships
and associations on my views regarding commitment.


Today, I reflect
on the complexities of life to help me make wise personal decisions. I believe
that the time I spend doing that assessment helps add to my quality of life. My
primary goal is to think through all my options before making life-changing


Self-Reflection Questions:


1.    Which triggers help me to recognize
when I have made good personal decisions?

2.    What type of experience usually
results in me changing my view?

3.    How often do I find myself changing
how I feel about things?

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