I love my life and the opportunity to learn more each day

Affirmations & Reflections

I am filled with a sense of discovery and wonder each day. I
feel happy that my life is filled with new experiences that bring me the joy of


Even setbacks are opportunities to learn and grow. As I
overcome these challenges, I receive new insight that helps me to become wiser,
stronger, more patient, and more determined.


My life is exciting and I am filled with hope for the
possibilities that each day brings.


I embrace trying new things. I am open to new experiences. I
enjoy meeting people. I relish fresh challenges. Each novel experience becomes
an adventure. The choices that I make each day shape me. I draw closer to
becoming the person that I want to be.


I love my life because I know that, ultimately, I am in
control. I can rescue myself. I am self-reliant and my own hero.


I am confident in my abilities because I have everything
that I need to succeed and be happy. My experiences help to hone my skills and
talents. Every experience in my life is put to good use.


Today, I passionately move forward towards my hopes and
plans for the future. I embrace new opportunities and the lessons they bring.




What is one new thing that I have
learned today?

What experiences have shaped the person
that I am today?

3.    Who
can help me on my journey towards greater self-improvement?

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Rod Stone

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