Macronutrients Ratio and Health

Macronutrients Ratio and Health

determines overall health

It doesn’t take a medical scientist to explain why the ratio of macronutrients (rather than caloric intake) can determine your metabolic health and longevity. What are macronutrients and how does the ratio make such a difference in our health?


Macronutrients are the nutrients which are contained in the calories. There are three types of macronutrients – protein, fat and carbohydrates. Each gram of these macronutrients contains a different number of calories. 

So, it
doesn’t really matter what your intake of calories are – but what
micronutrients are in the calories. A good weight loss program isn’t based on
skipping the fat and getting plenty of carbs and protein, but the percentage of
the three macronutrients contained in the calories you consume.


example, a low carb, high fat diet plan might contain 70% fat calories, 25%
protein calorie and 5% carb calories. But, that’s not the only choice that can
help you lose weight and have an impact on your overall health.


There are
three things to look for in successful macronutrient ratios that will help you
lose weight:


satisfaction after meals – If you eat a “low calorie” meal which isn’t
satisfying, you’ll likely overeat later on. To stop this eating trigger, the
macronutrients you consume should contain more fat and protein for the
satisfaction effect.


plenty of vitamins and minerals – If you’re not getting the proper amount of
needed vitamins and minerals, you’ll overeat in (your body’s) an attempt to
find them. Eat foods which are rich in vitamins and other nutrients.


of hormones – If your hormones aren’t functioning properly, neither will your
body. Hormones signal your body when to store fat, trigger your hunger and release
fat. Some macronutrients initiate a stronger response from hormones than
others. For example, protein and carbs make your body experience an insulin
release – fat doesn’t have the same effect.


no one macronutrient ratio that works better than another. Everyone is
different – and if you want to maintain a healthy weight and improve your
overall health, you should enjoy various ratios, depending on your health


A low
carb/high fat macronutrient ratio might work well for one person who is very
overweight, but may not work as well for someone who wants to exercise more to
reach workout goals.


The key
to choosing macronutrient ratios according to where you are in your weight and
health goals is to understand your own body. One way to do this is to submit to
lifestyle tests such as blood work and fitness. Work with your healthcare
provider to choose a diet plan that’s best for you.


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