5 Doable Workout Options For The Lazy and Unmotivated

5 Doable Workout Options For The Lazy and Unmotivated

without feeling overwhelmed

Most of us agree that working out is essential for good health and good health seems harder and harder to attain with the social and economic stresses and unhealthy food production practices in the world.


People are working longer hours, technology is making physical activity easier to avoid, food producers are taking shortcuts for mass production versus healthy production, and stress takes its toll on our bodies. Considering all these obstacles, it can be difficult to get in the physical activity that we need.  

there are those who are simply too lazy or unmotivated to workout, these are
the people that find fitness boring, too difficult or they simply just don’t
want to do it.


we cannot give up! With all these factors working against us, we can have good
health even if getting up the motivation to workout seems impossible.


are five easy ways to sneak an aerobic exercise into your day without feeling
overwhelmed. In fact, you may actually look forward to them!


It A Game


is a trick that many parents and teachers use to make children do things that
they are unmotivated to do. It works! Try it on yourself.


don’t feel like doing a monotonous 45-minute jog on a treadmill, and that’s
understandable. Who does? Trick yourself into having fun with it by making it a
game! A few examples are obstacle courses, challenges, and premade workout
games available for sale.  


is also the Wii Fit, Xbox Live Fit or other video aerobic games that you can do
to help make working out fun. Check them out!


It Into a Lazy Activity


been a long day. Work was hectic, school was stressful, the kids were crazy, and
life is hard! The last thing you want to do when you are finally done with your
daily responsibilities is work up a sweat! You want to unwind on the couch and
watch your favorite show on Netflix, play a few Facebook games, or read a good


don’t have to sacrifice your feel good activity to get in an aerobic workout.
Sneak in a couple minutes of fast-paced aerobic activity such as jumping jacks,
high knees, or bicycle crunches within each 15 minutes or less of your


can use commercials as the time to do jump squats, or each new chapter in your
book means you have to complete 4 rounds of 45-second burpees.


your Sim taking a nap? Time for jumping jacks!


in a little aerobics here and there doesn’t take away the value of your
activity. As long as you keep them close enough together, your heart rate will
stay elevated and your body will benefit!



It Social


thrive when they are around other people. Studies show that most people perform
better in a social environment. They enjoy themselves more, the competition
makes them try harder, and the company makes time go by faster. Why not apply
that to your workouts?


are many different ways to include aerobics into your week through a social
avenue. You can join a community sports team, set up a weekly beach volleyball
or basketball tournament with friends or work colleagues, take a group fitness
class or even just briskly walking your dog with a friend is better than


long as you get your body moving you will be achieving your goal!


Add It
To Your Chores


all have our daily errands to run and chores to do. Why not pick up the pace
and get these tasks done not only faster but also kill two birds with one
stone? Are you doing laundry, scrubbing the tub, or mowing the lawn with
boredom and little effort? The quicker you get them done the quicker you can
move on to what you really want to do and you are working out!


know if you are really getting an aerobic exercise? An easy way to tell if you
are getting the benefit of an aerobic exercise is if you can talk but with a
little difficulty. You should feel winded but not to the point of exhaustion.
You will feel so accomplished after these errands; your high will carry you
through the rest of the day.


Minutes or Less


people have the mistaken idea that you need to put in an excruciating hour
everyday to consider it as a workout. Not so! Even a workout of as little as
twenty minutes, maybe even less, can be an effective aerobic workout.


key is intensity! If you don’t have the time to put in a long workout, don’t
fret. Muster yourself up and do a quick but intense workout regimen that may be
hard while you do it but over before you know it! Check out High Intensity
Interval Training workouts that can be as short as 10 minutes.

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