Inflammation linked to cognitive decline in memory

Inflammation linked to cognitive decline in memory

6 ways to protect

According to a new study on inflammation and memory, chronic inflammation beginning during middle age has been linked to cognitive decline in later years.

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Chronic inflammation beginning in middle age has been linked
to cognitive decline in later years, according to a new cohort study. Chronic
can result from poor diet, stress, environmental toxins, or
lingering infections, among other things. In the study of over 12,000
participants, midlife inflammation was correlated with a sharp decline in
cognitive decline – especially memory.

This is one of the first studies of its kind to look at
midlife inflammation and memory rather than inflammation later in life. Dr.
Keenan Walker of Johns Hopkins University, one of the authors of the study,

While other studies have looked at chronic inflammation
and its effects on the brain in older people, our large study investigated
chronic inflammation beginning in middle age and showed that it may contribute
to cognitive decline in the decades leading up to old age. Overall, the
additional change in thinking and memory skills associated with chronic
inflammation was modest, but it was greater than what has been seen previously
associated with high blood pressure in middle age.”

You see, there have been previous studies linking
hypertension (or high blood pressure) to lowered memory and overall cognitive
decline, but the new study shows that inflammation may have an even more
dramatic affect on memory in later years. Many older people suffer from
dementia or other cognitive issues. Dementia is an umbrella term that describes
symptoms of brain disorders rather than a specific disease. Alzheimer’s disease
is a type of dementia. This study shows that inflammation may be at the
root of these diseases

But Walker clarified that inflammation may not be the direct cause
of cognitive decline, but rather a marker of, or response to, neurodegenerative
brain disease. It is generally accepted that factors leading to memory loss and
cognitive decline begin in middle
. That may be when the body is most receptive to interventions that can
stop or slow the mechanisms that lead to such a decline.

We’ve talked about inflammation before, and how chronic
inflammation may be at the root of most chronic disease. From coronary disease,
to Alzheimer’s, to cancer, nearly all major health conditions stem from
systemic inflammation. And while acute, localized inflammation in response to
injury is part of the body’s natural healing process, chronic, ongoing
inflammation can wreak havoc on your health.

And while toxins, lack of exercise, and ongoing stress can
all cause chronic inflammation, the number one cause of chronic
inflammation in the U.S. is poor diet
. Refined oils, processed meats,
chemically altered foods, and anything processed under extreme heat tend to be
inflammatory. And the Standard American Diet (SAD) promotes this kind of inflammation.

This isn’t the first study to show a connection between
inflammation and cognitive decline – especially Alzheimer’s disease. One study evaluating the dental health
of Alzheimer’s patients found that patients with gum disease and the subsequent
inflammation had a six-fold decline in cognitive decline. Another study around
the turn of the millennium found that taking anti-inflammatory drugs reduces
the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

But anti-inflammatory drugs only treat the symptoms, while
ignoring the problem and introducing a litany of side effects. Long-term use of
these drugs can introduce a host of new health problems. As with most drugs,
they treat one symptom while introducing a new one. The best way to fight
inflammation is to address the root cause.

Dr. Walker understands the many devastating effects of
chronic inflammation. “Chronic inflammation is tough on the body, and can
damage joints, internal organs, tissue and cells. It can also lead to heart
disease, stroke and cancer.”

So, if inflammation plays an important role in cognitive
decline, what can we do to reduce inflammation and set ourselves up for a
healthy, prosperous life long into our later years? There are several ways, and
we’ve got you covered with an “anti-inflammatory cheat sheet.”

1| Reduce Your Stress

This can include mental stress, toxic stress, and
nutritional stress. When our bodies experience stress, we induce an inflammatory response meant to address
that stress. When we are in a constant state of stress, we are in a constant
state of inflammation.

2| Increase Water Intake

Proper hydration is the best way to help your body rid itself
of toxins. When we aren’t drinking enough water, toxins can begin to build up
within our bodies. And the type of water we drink makes a big difference.
Toxins in our water can actually contribute to inflammation, so it’s important
to have properly filtered water.

3| Cut Sugar

Does this mean you can’t have anything sweet? Absolutely not. But it DOES mean
you need to be aware of how much sugar you consume. And more importantly, what
kinds of sugar. Sugar from fruit is much different than the refined white stuff
you see at the store. Natural sweetener is amazing. Refined sugar is white

4| Get More Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Our bodies require both Omega-3 and
Omega-6 fatty acids. But the Standard American diet provides us with way too
many Omega-6 acids and not hardly enough Omega-3 acids. Finding ways to limit
Omega-6 and increase natural Omega-3 acids can help immensely in the quest to
reduce chronic inflammation.

5| Get Regular Exercise (but don’t overdo it!)

I’ve talked at length about the importance of exercise. After all – I was a professional bodybuilder in
my youth. But as important as exercise is for health, it’s also important to
allow time for rest and healing. Exhaustion and overexertion can lead to
chronic inflammation, which is NOT good for your health. Whatever your exercise
routine, be sure it includes time for your body to rest and heal.

6| Eat the Right Diet

“garbage in, garbage out.” To truly minimize chronic inflammation and to
properly equip your body’s natural immune system, it’s IMPERATIVE that you
consume the right nutrition.

So much of our food today is not even real food. It’s been
stripped of nutrients, loaded with toxins, and does nothing but fill you with
empty carbs. If you want to be proactive against inflammation, cognitive
degeneration, and a host of other ailments, seek out natural, whole, nutritious
foods that feed your body. Too much of what we consume these days is fake, and
the absolute best way to protect your body and mind is to eat a diet rich in
whole, organic, non-GMO foods that will encourage healing instead of

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