5 Key Ways To Prevent Depression

5 Key Ways To Prevent Depression

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Many people do not take mental health seriously, doing even less to ensure that they maintain an optimal mental state. It would be safe to assume that as much as 75% of men are not comfortable discussing their emotions, and thus sweep symptoms of depression under the carpet.


Is this ideal? No, far from, as all this does is compound a possibly simple issue, and deprives you of help you could have been receiving.0

that in mind, there are a few things you can do to minimize your risk of
developing depression, even though it may also have a genetic link. Regardless,
by limiting your external risk factors, you can limit your chance of developing


explore what you can do today:




you exercise regularly, you will know the high that follows upon successfully completion.
This feeling is due to the effect of endorphins, our brain’s natural feel good
chemicals. In depressive states, these brain chemicals (especially serotonin
and dopamine) are depleted, and result in changes in brain chemistry. Though it
is possible to live for the next high that accompanies exercise, is it really
that bad to look forward to your next exercise session so much? Hardly likely.
Exercise, and do it often!


Practice Mindfulness


meditation is key to living in this world today, as we are bombarded with
stress from all angles. Mindfulness does not shield us from the stress of
everyday life; rather it helps us to deal. Mindfulness helps us to realize that
bad things will happen- and that we just need to take it for what it is, and
move on.


thankful for the things you have, and do not linger on things that were not
meant to be. Seeing that many cases of depression can be attributed to anxiety,
fear of the unknown, and things that may never happen, it stands to argue that
mindfulness is a safe insurance plan.


Have Fun


fun is essential for your health as an entire unit. Working for hours on end,
every day like a zombie will not do your health and favors, nor will it make
you more successful. In fact, you are likely to be dissatisfied with life and
may end up questioning if it is worth it in the end. Ensure you make time to go
out and have fun; take vacations at least every two years, as it will ensure
you are well rested and have renewed vigor for work.


Eat More Omega-3 Fats


people shy away from fats, but little do they do the importance they bring to
the table. Fats are an essential macronutrient for health, one whose roles
cannot be filled by other macros. Though omega-3 fats are by far the superior
type of fat when it comes to promoting the health of your brain and nervous
system, other fats are also important.


hormones and neurotransmitters are synthesized from fats, with a deficiency in
the diet leading to suppressed production of the same. If you find it difficult
to consume enough food consuming omega-3 fats (since fish is the richest source),
be sure to consume supplemental forms.


Keep A Circle Of Close
Family And Friends


nothing worse than feeling alone in this world, a scenario which undoubtedly
worsens depression and its manifestations. Having a closely knit support group
of family and friends is essential to keep your mental health in check, and is
also necessary for you to have someone to confide in when things seem tough.
Just remember, you were not meant to be alone in this world; there are those
who love you, just reach out!


you can see, there are many ways that you can take control and possibly prevent
depression, the most common mental disorder in the United States. Take the time
to make a plan, especially if you have depression in your family.



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