5 Reasons Meditation Should Be a Fundamental Life Skill

5 Reasons Meditation Should Be a Fundamental Life Skill

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To start off, let’s define what life skills we’re missing and how we can bring them back into our lives. We all have different opinions on what constitutes a fundamental life skill, but no one disagrees on how vital they are to our lives.

There are 5 basic essential
life skills that help us survive and prosper in this modern day and age:


  • Stress management

  • Focus

  • Patience

  • Self-control

  • Mental flexibility


These skills help us develop
wise decision and build self-confidence. They also guide us through stressful
situations while developing solid time management and effective communication


Now that we know what life
skills we need; how can we use meditation to improve on them and incorporate
them into our everyday lives? ‘Meditation is good for you’ is something you’ve
probably heard often.

But how can the direct
practice of meditation develop these skills and allow us to become the best
versions of ourselves? Read on to find out.

1.       Boosting your sense of
. When
you embark on a path of well-being, your mood is uplifted. You accept yourself
for who you are, without trepidation or fear. Your kindness and empathy towards
others increases. A mental and physical well-being leads to a positive outlook
and a sense of optimism.


2.       Decreased depression and
Engaging in regular meditation sessions is like giving your brain an
instructional manual on how to handle stressful situations. It prepares you to
deal with stress by learning how to ‘relax at will’ which is very effective at
reducing the adverse reactions of stress. One of the main advantages of
meditation is that it emphasizes on the process, rather on the end result. This
technique fosters mindfulness as well as patience – both excellent tools that
combat anxiety.


3.       Enhanced immune system. Relaxation techniques
improve the production of mitochondrial energy reduces stress which makes the
immune system more resilient in the face of diseases. And with stress levels on
the low, the body brain doesn’t release as much cortisol, allowing the body to
become impervious in the face of viruses and bacteria.


4.       A smarter brain. Meditation, even if it’s
for only 5 minutes per day, does wonders for the brain by increasing the
density of its gray matter which is responsible for our cognitive functions,
our ability to retain information and decision making. Meditation also fosters
creativity, increases our concentration skills and improves our ability to be
attentive and notice details.


5.       A stronger body. The relaxation techniques
practiced in meditation helps form nitric oxide which opens blood vessels, thus
restoring blood pressure to normal levels and reducing the need for medication.
Also, the risk of Alzheimer’s, stroke, heart disease, and a range of other
inflammatory, chronic diseases, is reduced by almost 48%.


Finally, numerous studies
have been carried out on millions of practitioners which all confirm the same
finding: for a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle, meditation is essential.
It helps
prevent diseases; it makes you happy and keeps you strong, emotionally,
psychologically and physically.


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