5 Signs You Are Under Too Much Pressure

5 Signs You Are Under Too Much Pressure

Signs that show your life is swamped with

Life in the modern day has the tendency of creeping up on you when you least expect it. It all slips from a position of control to being overwhelmed too fast sometimes. If you are constantly racing for solutions and juggling between responsibilities to strike a balance in life, it will definitely reflect in your emotional physical and mental health. Signs that show your life is swamped with pressure include:

Frequent Irritability
and Mood Swings

When the going gets rough and it all starts taking a toll on
you, your fuse definitely becomes shorter and the most trivial things will set
you off on a warpath. Too much pressure intoxicates you with a cocktail of
emotions ranging from anger, frustration, irritability, pessimism and other
foul moods that often end up in outbursts such as crying.

Stress directly affects your relationships and deteriorates
your mental health by making you impulsive which could alienate you from loved

Inconsistent Pain,
Skin Breakouts and Digestive Issues 

Duress can manifest as illness. Anything from the constant
headaches, knotted stomach, neck pains, back pains, breathing complications,
constipation, chest pains, diarrhea, hives, and even skin rashes.

All these physical complications indicate the manifestation
of stress to the body. If you notice a pattern of these symptoms it is
advisable to seek medical help as it could manifest into a more complex health
issue in the long run.

General Fatigue

According to the Association of Behavioral Health and
wellness, the dynamic nature of modern lifestyles is practically draining
people mentally, emotionally and physically. Feeling weary after a long day at
work is perfectly normal but feeling exhausted all the time for no plausible
reason is an indication of excessive pressure.

People edging near to their breaking point depict signs of
adrenal fatigue which is as a result of overproduction of cortisol which puts
adrenal glands on overtime. Stress from overwhelming pressure also fluctuates
body sugar level which is characterized by incessant shakes and general

The emotional response to pressure sets the body on a
decline with psychological effects that often lead to depression hence ushering
further complications such as eating disorders, diabetes, heart disease,
obesity and so on.

Poor Sleep

Sleep is very essential and over time people develop sleep
patterns based on their work cycles helping them feel invigorated. Having
unusual pressure disrupt sleep pattern leading to acute or pronounced cases of

Without sleep, things fall apart fast like a sequence of
dominos leading to an accumulation of stress. This takes away from your mental
clarity thus causing irrational decisions and lack of elaborate coping
mechanisms which turns you into a hazard around any work environment. Losing
sleep for extended periods greatly affects your wellbeing hence it is advisable
to seek medical help to get the tools to deal with pressure.


For consenting adults, sex is a great natural antidepressant
but the drive for copulation is greatly affected by excessive pressure in day
to day life. It is almost impossible to keep your head straight when your mind
is overwhelmed and people tend to get more detached as the pressure increases.

Needless to say, this takes a toll on your love life and for
people who are not open about their problems the stress will eat away at them
like a bad case of bacteria. Even when under substantial duress it is advisable
not to develop a cold shoulder to loved ones as intimacy is responsible for
drenching your mind with feel-good hormones, boosting your confidence and
reinforcing your body immune system.

After noticing the signs, it is time to take action to
mitigate the effects of too much pressure on your health. There are multiple
ways to cope to avoid spinning off the rails as recommended by a qualified
health practitioner.




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