A Sunrise Prayer To Start Your Day

A Sunrise Prayer To Start Your Day

Taoist prayer 

As a global tribe, many of us struggle to maintain our sense of
sanity in the midst of the chaos, suffering and unrest that is unfortunately
part of the reality we meet in our newsfeed, and in our cities and towns. 

it’s important that we acknowledge the truth of what is happening in the world
around us, but we also need to give ourselves the space (and permission) to
simply be alive and attentive to the cosmic dance that is
unfolding around us.

The following is a Taoist prayer that can help you through your challenges.

All we need is the morning. 
As long as there is sunrise, 
then there is the possibility 
that we can face all of our misfortunes, 
celebrate all our blessings, 
and live all our endeavors as human beings. 

Spirituality is something that has become 
necessary in these troubled times. 
Yet it is inherently superfluous. 
We need it to remind ourselves, 
to bolster ourselves, 
to integrate ourselves, 
to fulfill ourselves.

If we could simply acknowledge 
the mystery of night 
and the glory of morning, 
we would need neither civilization nor spirituality. 
At its simplest, life begins with dawn. 
That is blessing enough. 
All else becomes fullness immeasurable. 

At dawn, kneel down and give thanks 
for this wonderful event. 
We may think mornings are so common 
they are unworthy of veneration, 
but do you realize most places in the cosmos 
do not have mornings?

This daily event is our supreme goodness. 

Greet the dawn.
That is your miracle to witness. 
That is the ultimate beauty. 
That is sacredness. 
That is your gift from heaven. 
That is your omen of prophesy. 
That is knowledge that life is not futile. 
That is enlightenment. 
That is your meaning in life.
That is your directive. 
That is your comfort. 
That is the solemnity of duty. 
That is inspiration for compassion. 
That is the light of the ultimate.”

-Deng Ming-Dao

Greeting the day with a quiet mind and clear intention is a
powerful way to start your day and receive new perspective on any challenge you

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