Affirmation: I employ strategies to avoid being intimidated by new challenges

Affirmation:   I
employ strategies to avoid being intimidated by new challenges

Affirmations & Reflections

Affirmations & Reflections

I love the
fact that life is filled with new challenges and experiences. My approach to
them is to avoid being intimidated by the unfamiliar.


My job
provides me with lots of new learning opportunities. At times the learning
curve is steep, but I avoid getting flustered. I know when creativity is


Instead of
relying on using time at work to learn new skills, I spend time learning in the
afterhours. Putting in extra hours helps me to get up to speed and be prepared.


challenges appear in the form of disagreements with friends. Their points of
view are important to me. But I avoid giving in to their opinions just
because the air is contentious.
I use my passion for fairness to give
me the confidence to object. It is more important to me to ensure we find a
solution that is beneficial for all parties.


It is
difficult to undergo healing for physical injuries because of the pain and
discomfort. Instead of feeling intimidated, though, I meditate to relax my mind and
quiet my soul so the therapy is bearable.


Today, I
realize that each difficulty thrown my way has an ideal solution. I believe in
my ability to overcome challenges. My approach is to creatively find strategies
to avoid feeling intimidated by them.


Self-Reflection Questions:


1.    What next steps do I take when a
strategy to overcome challenges is unsuccessful?

2.    How easy is it for me to find
solutions after experiencing multiple challenges?

3.    How do I know when it’s best to walk
away from a difficult challenge?

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