Affirmation: I wake up each day with a renewed sense of love for the world

Affirmation:   I wake up each day with a renewed sense of love
for the world

Affirmations & Reflections

Affirmations & Reflections

dream world helps me renew my love of the physical world. I wake up every day
with a restored sense of well-being. I embrace the new day with love in my heart.


I have
new energy and a deeper understanding of my surroundings. I love the beautiful
world and appreciate all my blessings. My sense of wonder and discovery is
restored, so I can explore new experiences.


My body
and mind are connected to the deepest parts of the universe. They are renewed
each night as I dream.


I am
secure in my perception of the world. I find new meaning and joy in daily
tasks. My love grows with each moment I spend on this planet. I appreciate the
people, places, and events that shape my life.


My love
for the world is nurtured by the universe. I am part of a magical collection
of beings who are changing and growing each day.


My love
extends to my family, friends, coworkers and others. I appreciate each person
and the lessons our interactions bring. I know how to value my present, accept my
past, and plan for my future with love in my heart.


Today, I
remember my love of the world is renewed every day.


Self-Reflection Questions:


1. How
can I show others my love for the world?

2. How
can I help others appreciate the world?

3. What
role can my family play in helping me greet every day with love in my

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