affirmations for I acknowledge the love from my parents

affirmations for   I acknowledge the love from my parents  

Affirmations & Reflections

Affirmations & Reflections


The love
from my parents supports me. I acknowledge their devotion to raising smart and
happy children. My parents are a significant part of my life, and our relationship is


I am
older and wiser now. I am in a new stage of life beyond childhood, but my parents
still offer me their love.


understand my parents have unconditional love for all of their children. They
care about me and want me to succeed. I accept their support in all parts of my
life and listen to their advice.


parents show me their love by being involved. I understand they are interested
in my daily life and plans.


I recognize how my relationship with my parents is evolving with
This is
a normal part of the universe. I accept the changes and believe our relationship
is stronger than before.


I need time alone to reflect on life and relax. My parents provide a solution
by offering to do tasks for me, like cooking and babysitting. I accept their help
and thank them generously.


Today, I
recognize how much my parents love me. I am an adult, but I still enjoy having
their support. They are an essential part of my life.


Self-Reflection Questions:


1. How
can I show that I still care about my parents?

2. Do I
recognize every circumstance of love being offered by my parents?

3. How
can I help my siblings appreciate the love of our parents?

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