Finding the Silver Lining During Times of Immense Stress

Finding the Silver Lining During Times of Immense Stress

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When we are experiencing large amounts of stress in our daily life, we really have to knuckle down and ask ourselves, ‘Is it worth it?’

Is it worth all the pressure for us to keep going? Is it worth the sleepless nights, or the inner anxiety or the overwhelming sense of lethargy that comes with such a heavy workload?

As long as we are honest with ourselves and figure whether or not it is worth it, we can do our best to either cope, or just remove whatever it is that is causing so much stress from our life.

If we do
decide to keep going, to continue on with the stress because the reward or end
result is worth it or perhaps necessary, we need to know how to cope with this
level of stress so that we can act efficiently and effectively and not get

We do this
by finding the silver lining.


The silver
lining is a place of peace amidst the chaos. It is the eye of the storm, the center
of the bubble, the place of silence in the overwhelming rush of thunder. It is
the safety net to which we can return whenever things begin to get just that
little bit too much.

Like a Zen
Monastery in the middle of a bustling and busy city, it is a retreat that we
can go to let our minds have a little space, and where we can breathe deeply
the fresh clean air and revitalize our bodies and minds, so that we are able to
better cope with the stresses and demands of the world. So what exactly is it?

It Is

If we are
going to continue on with the stressful demands of our daily life, if we have
decided not to remove the source of the stresses for whatever reason, then we
absolutely must be able to effectively manage and balance out the stress that
we experience.

We need to
make sure we have a space that is untouched by that stress and where we can put
down our projects, tasks, and jobs for a short while in order to let our mind
have a break. For those who like to meditate, this place will be a perfect
little meditation zone.

For those
who like to relax to music, this will be a great chance to make a space for yourself
where you can put on your favorite tunes for 15 minutes and not let whatever it
is that’s causing you to be stressed affect you for that short amount of time.

Set yourself
some personal boundaries and learn to keep them in check when you notice that
you are starting to get too stressed.
It is essential that you keep a close eye on yourself during these times and
the very moment you begin to feel overwhelmed, put everything down and go and
take a break.


Your health
and happiness are what’s most important. No amount of stress is worth it if it
is making you genuinely unhappy or unwell, and that is exactly what stress will
do to you if it is left to spiral out of control.

absolutely must become the master of stress otherwise, it will very quickly
overwhelm and consume you. If you can use this silver lining technique
effectively, giving yourself enough space to allow your mind to settle and to reenergize
and replenish yourself, you will actually find that you can handle the stresses
of the world to a much, much higher degree.

This will
actually make you an asset to the people around you who need your skills and
expertise because they will see that even though you are under large amounts of
stress, you have effectively learned to deal with it.

The Silver
Lining, in this case, is balance. If you can effectively learn to balance the
times when you are under stress with times when you are not under stress, and
if you have the strength of mind to let your thoughts relax and gain even a
small amount of release from the pressure of it all, you will then be able to
head back into the storm and return into the arena of stress with renewed vigor
and a new found sense of energy and enthusiasm.

Master this
strategy and there is nothing in the world that you will not be able to
conquer, with enough time, planning and careful attention to your stress

If you can
effectively manage or work alongside a team of people who work in this way, you
will reach levels of productivity that anyone in the world would pay good money
to have access to. Now that is something worth thinking about.

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