I am free to choose to be happy

Affirmations & Reflections

Affirmations & Reflections

I boldly walk forward in the direction of my hopes, goals,
and dreams, leaving my past behind me. Each step that I take brings me closer to a
happier, healthier me.


Regardless of what has come before, I am the author of my
own destiny. I have the power to create my own future and the ability to
achieve my highest aspirations.


I am happy when I take ownership of my life.


Each new day is a new opportunity to be more joyful.
Regardless of the circumstances, I can find at least some goodness in
everything and everyone.


As I make progress on my journey, I am open to new places
and experiences. I already possess everything that I need to live a happy, fulfilled
life, and I am filled with hope and confidence.


When I encounter an obstacle that blocks my path, I easily
find a way around it so I can continue on my journey. I find these challenges
exciting and helpful as they strengthen my determination to live the life I


Today, I am happy because I respect myself. I take time each
day to de-stress and recharge. I focus on what makes me happy and brings me




What activity can I incorporate into my
daily life that brings me joy?

What are the innermost desires of my

3.    What
tasks can I delegate so I have more time to do what I love?

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