I avoid holding on to anger

I avoid holding on to anger

Affirmations & Reflections

Affirmations & Reflections

Anger is a counter-productive emotion. Holding on to it prevents me from being the success that I know I am capable of being.


Each day, upsetting or offensive situations occur at work. My human instinct is to react with anger. But I focus on taking the high road. I take a step back and process the feelings quietly.


When there are disagreements at the office, I avoid lashing out at team members. I excuse myself from the upsetting environment and get some fresh air.


Time away from tense situations helps me to calm down and return to a healthy emotional state. I give a lot of thought to the circumstances behind the anger and weigh them fairly.


Even when someone is blatantly at fault, I encourage myself to let go of the negative feelings. I know resentment only gets in the way of successful collaboration.


I prefer to let my strengths shine through instead of being conquered by my emotions. Letting go of irritation allows me to refocus on putting my best foot forward.


Forgiveness is the best remedy for strained relationships. Those who upset me deserve my forgiveness so we can resume positive rapport.


Today, I am focused on sharing only healthy emotions with others. I am committed to feeding positive energy to those I associate with to ensure my environment remains peaceful.


Self-Reflection Questions:


1.    Which other unhealthy emotions are exacerbated as a result of holding on to anger?

2.    How can I use my experiences to help others with anger management?

3.    In which circumstances can I channel my anger towards resolution?

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