Low sex drive?

Low sex drive?

A surprising reason why

A potentially controversial topic, today… Sex drive.

It’s probably safe to say that whatever your beliefs or preferences, sex is a central part of life.

But what happens when you or your partner simply aren’t ‘in the mood’?

Of course that will always be the case now and then, but when it becomes the norm, relationships can suffer.

It’s such a complex issue!

This article from Health Secret explores the one critical element at the root of low sex drive

As well as 6 ways you can get back to a healthy, balanced libido.

Husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends… Either partner
can start to feel like there’s not enough healthy bedroom romance in their life.
But when it comes to women, studies estimate that as many as 1 in 3 women
between the ages of 18-59 lose interest in sex.

And, despite what it may feel like or the insecurities that
it brings up, low sex drive is nobody’s fault. It’s not even “all in your
head”. It’s biology.

You see, the simple fact is that your body is programmed to
seek out sex for the purpose of reproduction… And when it’s compromised
healthwise in some way, the last thing your body wants to do is reproduce!

That’s one reason why sex drive can decline so sharply,
across generations and genders…
 In fact, it can often be a subtle
sign (or not so subtle, depending on what it means to you!) of an underlying
health condition or a deficiency that needs attention.

Sex drive disappears as your body focuses its attention on
dealing with the 911 — its most urgent priorities, in order to make you healthy
and whole again. Seeking out a way to make babies is not the priority, during
these times.

Health Factors that Affect Sex Drive

It may or may not have surprised you to learn that low sex
drive can be a red flag for a seemingly unrelated health condition…

The truly surprising thing may actually be how many things
can affect your sex drive—things that you might not have thought of before,

  • Stress

  • Hormone Disruption

  • Inflammation

  • Vitamin Deficiency

  • Omega-3 Deficiency

  • Autoimmune Conditions

  • Excess Weight

  • Leaky Gut

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Diabetes

  • Insulin Resistance

  • Toxins

  • Parasites

  • Gut dysbiosis

  • Medications

Unfortunately, many items on this list can overlap in
terms of the effect they have on your body.

For example, stress disrupts your hormones. It contributes
to excess weight and can contribute to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance
is made worse by stress, and is actually a type of hormone disruption (insulin
is a hormone)… and added weight can cause the stress hormone cortisol to be
disrupted, creating anxiety, as well as worsen or create insulin resistance.

Likewise, medications can have side effects of
lowering libido…
 but these side effects may actually be inflammation
or leaching of nutrients that creates deficiency. They may add up to increased
fat retention, which in turn affects insulin or cortisol. Deficiencies and
hormone imbalance can be created by or contribute to inflammation, and inflammation
is at the root of most autoimmune disease
. As you would guess, autoimmune
disease is often a disruptor of hormones.

It’s a bit of a maddening, vicious circle, really.

But the thing that each one of the low sex drive triggers
listed above has in common with the others is inflammation.

Whether it’s due to environmental toxins, medications,
parasites, food sensitivities or things in food our bodies can perceive as
toxins (gluten, lectins, pesticides, GMOs)… They all create inflammation.

Stress causes inflammation. Chronic stress will create and
then perpetuate inflammation.

Leaky gut or unhealthy gut (dysbiosis) will create
inflammation and deficiencies, which can lead to hormone imbalance, anxiety,
depression, cognitive issues (like brain fog), fatigue and oh yes… low sex

So now the obvious question becomes: What do you do about

Overcoming Inflammation

The answer is not in taking an ‘anti-inflammatory’, that’s
for sure. It’s not so simple. In fact, inflammation is a necessary part of
healing! You don’t want to just kill inflammation completely… You want
to moderate inflammation and have a healthy immune response.

The key to beating the chronic inflammation that is at the
core of nearly all health challenges (including low sex drive) is to identify
and resolve the root cause of inflammation.

Here are 6 ways to overcome inflammation, naturally:

1. Cut out gluten — Whatever you may think about the current
gluten-free trend, gluten can be a trigger for inflammation in your body. This
can be via leaky gut— which many experts believe gluten can actually cause—or
because your body perceives it as a toxin and attacks it, creating
inflammation. Cutting gluten out of your diet may bring dramatic health

2. Increase your Omega-3 intake — Omega-3s
have strong anti-inflammatory properties and provide support and protective
 for your brain, heart, immune and cardiovascular systems, and
your hormone levels. Nutritional experts say that the average American
diet includes too many omega-6s
, which are linked to inflammation. On the
other hand, we habitually consume far too few omega-3s.

Omega-3 has also been noted to help with erectile
dysfunction, depression, and other factors that can relate to sex drive.

3. Do a complete detox — If your body is overwhelmed with
toxins, it cannot eliminate them fast enough. Inflammation follows. The first
thing is to prevent further toxic build-up—for example, by changing your
lifestyle with things like an air and/or water purifier, switching to only
organic foods and non-chemical cleaning products and cosmetics—and then you
need to assist your body in binding those toxins, and flushing them out.

Ensuring your kidneys, liver, and lymphatic systems are
working optimally is extremely important for proper detoxification. There are
many natural supplements and methods to assist with a
healthy detox
, as well as new choices you can make when it comes to food
and drink.

4. An anti-parasite protocol — Even if you don’t think you
could possibly have parasites, you actually could. Tests are notoriously
unreliable, and despite parasites being extremely common (and easy to
get!) doctors often do not take the prospect seriously. One reason for this is
that parasites are designed to remain hidden! Their survival depends on
remaining undetected, so it’s absolutely possible to be infected and have these
little organisms reeking havoc in your body, by stealing nutrients, unbalancing
your gut flora, causing your immune system to flare up in an attempt to rid you
of them, as well as releasing toxins that are by-products of their life cycle…
all of which create inflammation.

A thorough parasite cleanse can often be the breakthrough
that resolves health issues that never seem to clear up, or be properly

5. Heal your gut — Much inflammation begins in the gut.
Leaky gut is a condition that is finally becoming recognized more and more by
mainstream medicine. Restoring
gut lining
 and ensuring diversity in your gut microbiota (flora) is
essential to health, but especially for crushing inflammation. As well, things
like depression, anxiety, and other brain- (and hormone) related issues can be
helped by focusing on gut health, all of which can contribute to low sex drive.

6. Consume turmeric and ginger — Both of these delicious
spices are powerful anti-inflammatories
. You can cook with them, or
supplement. In either case, add healthy fats and black pepper for better
absorption. If supplementing, Bioperine® is a great addition, for the same

All the above are just what my wife, Lori, did to heal
decades of debilitating health challenges…

It was devastating to watch Lori suffer every day,
in pain and discomfort, depressed, anxious, battling chronic fatigue, and
wanting to give up on life.

And, as you may remember, one of our mutual as a couple was
not getting pregnant.

Lori was extremely skeptical of natural remedies and
anything not straight out of a doctor’s prescription book. But nothing was
working, and she’d been suffering since she was 13 years old.

After witnessing the many first-hand accounts of miracle
healings we’ve explored in our documentaries, she could no longer deny
natural medicines worked… So she finally tried them.

After doing a foundational anti-parasitic detox
combined with gut healing and restoration
, Lori’s health has completely
turned around.

She’s now off all her medications, pain free, happy,
full of energy
 and, best of all, last year we welcomed our beautiful
baby boy, Asher into the world.

You can check this out here.

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