Winning fairly gives me a great sense of accomplishment

Winning fairly gives me a great sense of

Affirmations & Reflections

Affirmations & Reflections

Victory is
most meaningful when I accomplish it fairly. I feel a great sense of
accomplishment when I succeed while sticking to my morals. It is twice as
meaningful as winning by whatever means.


I look
forward to vying for promotions and other opportunities at work. My
competition is worthwhile and deserves a fair challenge.
I commit to
providing that environment.


others choose to downplay the abilities of competitors, I avoid taking that approach.
My strategy is to showcase their strengths while elevating my performance. That
ensures the environment remains positive.


against strong participants inspires me to give it my all. I analyze their strengths and
work towards improving upon them for my own performance.


playing soccer, I avoid seeking favor from referees when I am behind. That
strategy portrays me as a sore loser. Instead, I play to the best of my ability
and push myself to catch up to my opponents.


I choose
opponents who unconsciously urge me to raise the level at which I compete. I
prefer to win over those persons than others whose abilities I know I can


Today, victory as a
result of fair competition continues to drive me.
I feel like I am honoring my true
self when I participate fairly. My conscience is clear after every challenge
because I choose to give it my honest, full effort.


Self-Reflection Questions:


1.    How do I react when someone
challenges the nobleness of my strategies?

2.    How do I feel after conceding
victory to someone who competes unfairly?

3.    What lesson do I take from each
victory I am able to secure for myself?

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