10 Great Exercise Ideas For Seniors

10 Great Exercise Ideas For Seniors

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You’ve taken the great leap- started a fitness program.

That’s wonderful!

Now comes the daunting part- what should I do/ don’t do?

Without a doubt, the number of workouts flooding the fitness realm is astounding, with all of them claiming to deliver the best results, and be suitable for people of any age. Coupled with weird exercises, and fancy techniques, you may be left wondering if all that work is required for getting fit.

Fact is, most of the proponents of these crazy workouts are nothing more than snake oil salesmen that will likely charge an exorbitant fee to train you, leaving you broken financially and physically.

Luckily, excellent exercises can easily be selected by yourself, even with very basic knowledge of working out. If you don’t think you can, then you’re in luck- because we’ve got 10 great ideas for you right here.


We know; you’ve heard it millions of times before, but
walking is exercise in its simplest and finest form. Think about it- how much
do you honestly walk per week, or on a daily basis. Chances are not much. If
tracking may be difficult for you, we recommend a pedometer, which counts the
number of steps taken per day. You can calculate distance easily by performing
a few basic conversions at the end of each day.

Walking will strengthen the muscles of the lower body, as
well as keep blood moving along nicely and the heart pumping efficiently.
Breathing also becomes easier, and you feel better overall.

Start slow, and increase speed/ time spend walking little by


When is the last time you did a few laps in a pool, or went
to the beach to do something other than sunbathe? Likely been a while- and it’s
time for you to restart. Swimming can be considered the ultimate low impact
total body exercise, since the muscles of the entire body need to work to
propel you. Swimming, and many other water activities in general are very joint
friendly, and even possess a restorative ability for many.


Another excellent low impact alternative, biking will likely
be a little more intense on your body. We recommend starting with walking, then
after a few weeks, add in occasional cycling. The mix up is wonderful for
keeping boredom at bay, and keep the body guessing too (it’s very smart and


Pilates is an exercise discipline that centers on strong core
musculature. And it is not misguided one bit- in fact, a strong core is the
perfect bridge between upper and lower body muscles, and can also help prevent
age related maladies- such as the stooping posture, and urinary incontinence.
Way better than the lame old crunch.


Hiking doesn’t need to involve brutal terrain and weather,
but can be done in the simple woods of your village. The ground will supply
small inclines and troughs, to mix up the intensity and make for an awesome
moderate intensity activity.


We haven’t spoken much about weight lifting, because many
seniors consider it taboo. However, weight lifting involves many major aspects
of physical training, including aerobic and anaerobic respiration.

Weight training will boost a sluggish metabolism (diabetics,
high cholesterol patients), raise bone density, improve mood and your posture.
Heart health is right up there on the list of awesome benefits too.


Rowing in open country, or at a simple recreation center or
gym can be the perfect complement to a regimen with lots of lower body
emphasis. Rowing now only builds strong back muscles, but rely a lot on the core
too. Rowing once or twice weekly will yield massive results for your body, and


Did you know that yoga can either emphasize relaxation and
stress relief or full-body workouts? Yes, depending on your capabilities, and
fitness goals, you can use it as a simple chill down as the weekend approaches,
or make it your weapon of choice for a full body workout. Whatever you choose,
it’s effective.


Joining a step aerobics class may seem a little taxing for a
beginner, but they’re so much fun you probably won’t notice discomfort!

Keep the sessions short to begin with, and extend as your
conditioning does too.


Yes, exercise doesn’t have to seem like exercise at all!

Do you like dancing? Then go dancing.

Skiing, or even golfing! are all good exercises in their own

Keep doing what you enjoy, moving and sweating like crazy and
your heart will thank you! 

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