5 Reasons To Get In Shape Today

5 Reasons To Get In Shape Today

Everyone knows having good physical fitness is great for your body. Unfortunately, there is a cultural preference for starting things on a Monday. Often people will put off starting a new fitness routine until Monday because it seems like a good time to start. Then, Monday comes and goes with no change in habits.

If you’re looking for a change in your lifestyle to get in shape, the best thing you can do is start today. If you’re not sure why you should start working out and eating better here are five reasons that you should get in shape today.

You Won’t Get Sick

Well, maybe you won’t become the Wolverine with immunity to everything. However, being in good shape helps maintain your immune system. Your immune system prevents infection and plays a role in your response to stress. Psychology Today notes that people who exercise, (even short-term exercise) reverse some effects of aging and complications that occur with crucial regulatory systems.

These regulatory systems in your body affect everything from how you feel when you wake up to how your body responds to stress. Controlling much of your everyday health the immune response is vitally important to how you feel. Exercising can increase your ability to feel better on a daily basis.

Improved Memory

Have you ever gotten out of your seat at the office, walked into another room, and completely forgotten why you were there? How often do you lose your keys? If you’re suffering with minor memory issues, then exercising can help you improve them.

Lifehacker notes that exercise increases oxygen and energy supplies to the brain. It can help boost your memory and allows you to learn things easily. Exercising intensely right before a mental event (like exam or presentation) may leave you more tired but daily exercise will definitely increase your smarts.

It’s the Fountain of Youth

While Ponce de Leon never found the fountain of youth, chances are he was looking in the wrong place. The fountain of youth lies within yourself. Looking and feeling younger is often attributed to exercise.

Research shows that staying fit can improve your bone density and lean body mass. These two body features are linked to aging difficulties. Many seniors suffer fractures and falls. And after age 50 your lean body mass declines at a rate of 3 to 5% per year. If you want to stay healthy keep these two areas of decline in mind and increase them with exercise.

You’ll Sleep Better

Sleep seems to be one of the more elusive natural body functions. With modern stress, extended lighted hours, and technology, are sleep has declined from an average of 10 hours to an average of six. Sleep is linked to memory and better overall cellular function.

Women’s Health Magazine notes that recent studies show that 67% of people who exercise regularly report they get a good night’s sleep. The time that you exercise doesn’t matter either just get up and go.

It Increases Self-Esteem

If you want to feel good about yourself than you need to exercise. This has nothing to do with the fact that you’ll look better and feel better. It actually has to do with the release of hormones that make you feel good. When you work out you get endorphins, and endorphins affect the way you perceive yourself.

Buzzfeed notes that the increase in endorphins will give you a huge self-confidence boost. Having a higher level of self-esteem will improve your performance in many areas of your life.

If you are looking for a reason to work out, these five are definitely motivation enough. Who doesn’t want to be healthier, live longer, and feel better about themselves? Being able to get these benefits from a single act done regularly seems too good to be true. But study after study showed that exercise can give you all these positive effects and more.

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