6 Signs You’re Aging Well

 6 Signs You’re Aging Well

 Like a Gladiator

Ah, youth. When you were young, it seemed as though you’d never run out of energy. You were super fit and able to do anything and everything.


Perhaps you ran marathons, played soccer, always took the stairs instead of the lift, and could piggyback your kids for blocks and blocks on end. You fell asleep at 2am and woke up at 6am ready to seize another day. 

As you get older, though, life gets a bit harder. You get tired quicker, you walk instead of run, you nap during the day, and you always take the lift instead of the stairs. Sometimes you fall asleep in the elevator or during the late afternoon news.


What? You want me to hold on a minute?


Oh, I get it.


You’re one of those who sees aging as something that’s just as good as youth. You embrace it and battle it like a gladiator.


You can still run, still take the stairs, and you give your grandkids a piggyback for blocks and blocks on end. I like you.


Let’s take a look at 6 signs that suggest you’re embracing aging like a warrior.


You Don’t Look Like A Grandparent


Perhaps the worst thing about aging is the visible signs: The wrinkles, the blemishes, the crude cellulite and the white hair. You might feel okay on the inside, but clearly, you’re looking a little bit older on the outside. Not cool.


But you’re not showing remarkable visible signs of aging at all. Your children have already given birth to their children and yet you still don’t look a day over 50.


No one has asked you to go to any community halls on Tuesday night and you’re still being invited to parties.


You Still Go To Concerts


Paul McCartney still gets up on stage and so do the Rolling Stones. Rod Stewart hasn’t given up the ghost and neither has Fleetwood Mac. So why should you?


For some, aging means they have to be in their slippers by 9pm with a hot chocolate boiling on the stove.


Not for you, though! You know that it’s perfectly okay to keep rocking, as you get older. Okay, so this is not Woodstock anymore, but who cares?!


You Shop Online


My dad is really funny. He recently got his first smartphone. He’d managed to set it up, but when it came to receiving a phone call, he went into total meltdown.


He had no idea how to receive the call. After several seconds of fumbling, the caller hung up.


You don’t have any such troubles with modern technology. In fact, you’ve embraced it so much that you even get your groceries online these days. Well, it saves time doesn’t it?


Your Immune System Is Still Awesome


As we get older, our immune system begins to wane. This leaves us more vulnerable to infections, such as the common cold.


However, you’ve embraced aging like a true warrior and as such, your immune system is still as good as ever. Mostly this is thanks to that healthy diet you follow.


It’s ironclad and it’s ready to do combat with anything that’s thrown at it. You’ve got your diet all nailed and you couldn’t be happier.


Your Kids Are Not The Centre Of Your Universe


When I asked my granddad what he most looked forward to in his old age, he told me that it was a phone call from his kids. I thought that was really sad; it gave me an insight into his isolation and how small his world had become. He looked forward to a phone call.


You’re different. You’ve embraced this aging thing so well that you’re still an active member of the community. Perhaps you even still do some work too which keeps you busy.


All of this means that your kids are not the center of your attention; you have your own life to live!


You Go To The Gym


You are physically active, and workout regularly, and this maybe the single best reason that you have aged like a true winning gladiator.


It’s important that we keep in shape no matter our age, but it’s super important that we workout as we get older. This helps to slow down the aging process and ensures that we have a great quality of living for as long as possible. 

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