8 Reasons Why You Are Never Too Old to Join A Fitness Class

8 Reasons Why You Are Never Too Old to Join A Fitness Class

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Maybe it has been years since you’ve had social fitness encounters; maybe you never have! Maybe you just don’t know where to begin with all the choices offered in exercise today. Maybe you lack the motivation to keep going when you workout alone, or get bored simply using a treadmill or exercise bike.

Whichever it may be, one thing is proven true time and time again – you exercise harder, and are more consistent in a class setting.

As a senior, chances are your social calendar is not fully booked. If that’s the case, it definitely is in your best interest to join up with one of these classes and here are all the reasons why you should.

You Are
Placed In A Class Of Similar Individuals

If you may have let the weight accumulate over the years, or
have no experience at all working out in a group environment, this is exactly
one of the major pros if it; you are arranged with individuals of similar skill
levels. There is no need to feel left behind in the class, when you will all be
learning for the first time.

Do This: Find a buddy. A workout buddy can help motivate you,
and keeps you accountable to your fitness goals.

It Works
Wonders For You Mentally And Physically

Getting to work out never felt so good! Fitness classes,
besides being intense workout sessions, also help to improve your mood and keep
you feeling good. It’s no surprise, seniors are one of the most prone groups of
the population to depression, since they frequently have limited interactions,
and few opportunities for “reward”. A successful workout session leaves you
feeling accomplished, with a sense of worth.

You Need

Let’s face it- we are not all born leaders. In fact, most
individuals perform best with some amount of direction, making a fitness class
perfect. You may have tried working out independently at home, but you just
don’t stay true to your goals. Maybe you only give 50%, maybe you rest too
long; whatever it is, when you have someone in front of you telling you how to work
out, it drives you.

Doing What
You Enjoy

Do you like dancing by yourself? Me Neither! A group dance
fitness class gives you the opportunity to do what you love, in the presence of
like-minded individuals. Hey, if your spouse is up for it, the merrier! A
fitness class does not need to feel like a chore, hence the wide variety to
choose from. You can try Zumba, aerobics, or even yoga. Whatever it is, choose
one you love.

Your Health
Deserves It

Everyone knows it’s important to work out. But how many
people are actually dedicated to it? Maybe 10%. Why? Because they do not fully
appreciate the importance of it to their health. Most people wait until they
experience a health scare before they take fitness seriously. Joining a fitness
class, besides giving you an excellent avenue for stress relief and energy
expression, is secretly saving your life. Don’t you think you deserve it?

It’s Cheap!

Ok, maybe you’re retired, and cash isn’t in a positive flow
environment, but finances are no reason not to join a fitness class! Many
fitness classes cost just $10-$25 per month, the equivalent of buying two cups
of coffee maybe. Moreover, what’s that pocket change going to mean to you if
you can’t use it to safeguard your health?

It’s Time

Do you wander aimlessly around when in a gym, or home
wondering what to do next? Then a fitness class is just what you need! Packed
into a loaded 30-90 minute session, a class ensures you do what needs to be
done, without much room for wasted time. If your time is budgeted, a class is
the way to go. A solo trip to the gym results in lots of wasted time, and if
you believe the mantra “time is money,” you don’t waste that!


Most group fitness classes have motivating high-energy
instructors that pump you up, keep you going to the end, and keep you coming
back, this may very well be the very best reason to get your workout in a class

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