Push Up Variations

Push Up Variations

5 Variations on the Standard Push Up

A push up is a push up is a push up right? Not necessarily. There are
many variations of the standard classic that so many of us are used to doing.
Changing things up by varying your pushup type will keep your routine from
being anything but dull. 

While there are over a dozen
different types of push ups, I’ve highlighted 5 of the most popular ones
including the:




The starting position is the same as
the classic, but instead your arms are wider than shoulder-width apart. Be sure
to keep your hands in the vertical plane below your shoulders and don’t let
your elbows flare out too much. This keeps the stimulation more on your chest,
shoulders and triceps as opposed to just your shoulders. 




Opposite of the wide grip, the diamond
has your hands directly under your chest with the thumbs and forefingers
touching, thus forming the diamond symbol. The diamond targets the triceps, but
because of the hand placement, it also puts more pressure on the wrists, shoulders
and elbows. If any of these joints are weak, it might not be a good one for you
to do.




The starting position for this
variation is the same as for the classic just that your hands are resting on
something that is up to two feet off of the floor, such as an incline bench.
Because much of your body weight is shifted lower, this one is actually easier
to do than the classic, but still gives your shoulders a good workout.




Opposite of the incline, the decline
has your feet higher than the rest of your body. Whether you rest your feet on
a couple of stair steps above the floor or use a small fitness ball, shifting
your weight forward puts more pressure on your wrists, but does work the
shoulders nicely.




With this variation, one hand is
around 6 inches higher than the other. Because of a shift in weight, more
pressure is put on the lower hand. You’ll feel a great burn in your chest and
shoulders making this one a good advancement up from the classic. Be sure to
alternate sets between hands so that each get an equal workout.


Not only does always doing the
classic standard push up get boring, you’ll eventually hit a point where you
will want to take your push-ups to the next level. These 5 great variations
will spice things up.

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By Rod Stone
Author and Publisher of Healthy Living information and products to improve your life.

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