5 Healthy Snacks To Follow Your Workout

5 Healthy Snacks To Follow Your Workout

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The term “snack” has gotten a bad reputation over the years. Many people believe that indulging in a tasty treat means immediate weight gain, high sodium levels, and excessive sugar.  Although consuming chips, cookies, and sweets on a regular basis are proven to be unhealthy, there are nutritious alternatives that work to nourish the body and keep you full. 

Glycogen is an important component that your body uses as fuel. After a vigorous workout, your body needs to replenish the used glycogen in order to grow muscle proteins. One of the best things you can do to assist with muscle repair and growth is to feed your body with a healthy snack.

Fitness journeys can be challenging, but they can also be an opportunity for discovery. Much like meal prepping, implementing a “snack prep” into your fitness plan will make the transition from unhealthy to healthy easier. Let’s consider five simple and nutritious snacks that you can prepare to follow your workout. 

1. Turmeric Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Who doesn’t love a good smoothie after a great workout? Turmeric is a golden spice from India that is packed with beauty and health benefits. The term “feel the burn” that coaches say during a workout isn’t a mere trick to get people to push harder. During and immediately following a workout is when the body experiences inflammatory effects. 

Since turmeric is anti-inflammatory, it helps with muscle recovery. One yoga expert in California stated, “I will make a smoothie with frozen bananas, berries, and a one-inch piece of turmeric with water and agave.” The strawberries and bananas will delicately complement the earthy, turmeric flavor to create a unique combination. 

2. Rice Cake Pizza 

Rice cakes have gotten a bad reputation over the years for being bland and boring. However, despite the dull label, rice cakes have the potential for immense flavor. In order to maximize the taste, create a rice cake pizza! Top it off with peanut butter “sauce” and banana slices as “pepperonis.” Brown rice cakes are an excellent source of fiber and the peanut butter/banana combo will keep you full. This tasty snack will replenish your muscles without weighing you down.

3. Tuna and Quinoa Bowls

In order to replenish your muscles, you need to replace glycogen with high complex carbohydrates. Quinoa is a hearty and healthy carbohydrate that works to rebuild your muscles. Tuna, a source rich in essential minerals is an awesome additive that can be flavored and customized to your liking. Try out new seasonings, toppings, and healthy veggies to add into the mix! 

4. Almond and Coconut Smoothie

Almonds provide cardiovascular benefits that help to improve cholesterol and overall vitality. In addition, almonds help to rebuild skin cells which promotes a youthful glow. Coconut shavings are sweet additions to add to any smoothie. By mixing almonds, spinach, almond milk, and coconut shavings, you are guaranteed to have a tasty, tropical treat! It’s almost as good as relaxing by the ocean. 

5.  Hummus and Raw Vegetables

Hummus is a thick and tasty dip made from chickpeas and distinct spices. The nutrients found in hummus help to regulate hormones while keeping you full and satisfied. Instead of using bread or pita chips, raw vegetables are an awesome alternative. Celery, carrots, and even broccoli are tasty additions to any hummus platter! 

After a workout you are usually relaxed and proud of your hard work. Why not complement that effort with equally healthy snacks that will keep you satisfied! By planning ahead, you are leaving no room for developing unhealthy eating habits. Soon, these healthy snacks will be your ultimate go-to! 

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