6 Herbs To Help You Use Less Salt

6 Herbs To Help You Use Less Salt

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Salt is the most common ingredient used in cooking. It acts as a preservative, a way to counteract the sweetness of a dish, and honestly it just satisfies our taste buds because it enhances the flavor of food.


Everybody loves that extra pinch…or tablespoon…of salt, but, too much salt (yes, it’s possible!) can lead to several diseases, with high blood pressure being the most common.

you need to or are choosing to decrease the amount of salt that goes into your
food, consider using herbs that you likely already have in your kitchen as a


of the food that we consume contains a fair amount of salt in them in their
natural state, there isn’t a need to throw in some more.


of the things people fail to realize is that eating healthy does not have to be
misery. In fact, all we really want from our food is flavor. This is true
whether one is dieting for weight loss or simply trying to prevent disease through
a healthy diet.


if that extra pinch of salt is important to you then take a look at the six
herbs below that can be used to replace salt to add healthy flavor to food and
go experiment!




is a slightly sour herb that can be easily paired with other herbs/spices to
create a one of a kind flavor for your meals.


pairing dill with a sweeter herb such as thyme in order to achieve a nice
balance of sweet and sour (perfect for chicken!). Dill can be used in the form
of a leaf or in a crushed/dried form, it all depends on what you prefer.




are an age-old source of added flavor and it is widely used amongst several
different cultures. Chives add a hit of onion to your dish and they already
have natural salt content within them.


are perfect for potato soup, chili, or a vegetable stew. They are also great in
small amounts, such as, on chicken or in your potatoes.




is a great alternative to salt because it comes in several flavor varieties
including lemon and orange. There is a slight salty undertone to thyme, but you
also get the bonus of added flavor.


has a slightly sweet flavor as well and is best used in combination with
parsley, oregano and rosemary.


blends nicely with chicken dishes and roasted vegetables.




is a commonly herb used that comes in a variety of strengths. You can choose a
mint leaf that will give a slight kick or a mint leaf that will change up the
entire flavor of your meal.


also comes in several different flavor combinations. You can purchase flavors
like chocolate mint and orange-mint in your local grocery store. These flavors
work great in pastas, on chicken, in baking and in salads.  




is an Italian spice that works best with pasta dishes, chicken dishes, or added
onto pizza! Due to the spice’s potency and spicy undertones, the herb is an
excellent substitute for salt. For an added kick, combine oregano with basil,
thyme and/or parsley.




is a common herb blend amongst several cultures. There is no real “flavor” of
allspice; the herb tastes like a blend of juniper, nutmeg, peppercorn, and
cinnamon. However, it actually comes from a dried berry four in Jamaica.


variety of flavors that we taste with allspice makes it a great substitute for
salt because it can add a unique flavor to your dishes and draw out the flavors
of the dish itself.




is no need to add a ton of salt to your meals in order to enhance the flavor or
just get that salty kick you crave.


fresh herbs tend to be more flavorful and luscious than dried varieties, so
make sure and get fresh whenever you can.


are dozens of herbs that can help you add unique flavors to your dishes and
still keep the salty undertones you desire.


some time to experiment with the herbs mentioned above and decide which flavor
combination you like the most!


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