7 Reasons To Grow An Organic Vegetable Garden

7 Reasons To Grow An Organic Vegetable Garden

Go Organic

Going organic has become today’s buzz word. From health magazines urging you to “eat organic” to produce labels at your local farmer’s market stamped with the words “certified organic,” there seems to be no way for you to escape the impulse to join the bandwagon and start your very own organic vegetable garden.

But, should organic gardening
be just a habit that “grows” on you just because it is the new fad, or are you
really, truly better off acclimating to a lifestyle that involves growing your
own organic vegetable garden?


If you are waiting to be convinced why you should
start growing your very own organic garden, here are some reasons to do so:


#1: You will get the best nutritional value from your


Perhaps the finest argument
for growing an organic garden is that you get to eat the most nutritious
vegetables from your harvest. Over time, non-organic, chemically laden soil become
low or devoid of natural macronutrients such as potassium, phosphorous and
nitrogen, as well as nutrients such as beta carotene, Vitamin C and B vitamins.


Non-organic farming methods
that are dependent on the use of fertilizers and pesticides strip the soil of
vital compounds and eventually produce vegetables lacking in nutrients that the
body needs to strengthen the immune system and enhance its ability to absorb
nutrients and regenerate.


On the other hand, organic
gardens sustain a well mineralized, nutrient rich and high compost soil
composition where much healthier vegetables grow and thrive.


#2: You will eat the best tasting vegetables


Freshness has a lot to do
with good tasting food, especially with vegetables. As soon as vegetables are
plucked from the plant, they lose their freshness and their taste begins to


So, if only for the fact that
you can eat your vegetables as soon as you harvest them, vegetables you get
from your organic garden will always taste way better than what you buy from
the market, even if they are also organic produce.


But, apart from this and for
reasons purely related to sustaining healthier soil composition, organically
grown vegetables are also a lot more delicious compared to non-organic
vegetables you find in the supermarket.




Because non-organic farming
practices pay modest attention to maintaining the soil quality and nutrient
level needed to improve or at least maintain the flavor of vegetables.


Conventional farming also
relies on the use of fast growing vegetable varieties, considering that money
is literally the currency in commercial farming, so your supermarket tomato, so
to speak, will never taste as good as the tomato you harvest from your very own
organic garden.


#3: You will save a lot of money


A quick survey of vegetable
prices available in your farmer’s market will show that organic produce is
typically 50% more expensive compared to non-organic varieties, the reason
being that small organic farmers are just unable to match the generally lower
production costs of big corporations that produce GMOs and industrial plantation


But is this reason enough to
turn away from the health benefits of eating organic vegetables?


Of course not, especially if
you start cultivating your own organic vegetable garden.


The initial soil balancing
process, seed sourcing, tools gathering and the actual building of your garden
is practically the heaviest cost outlay you need to shoulder, but once you have
kept your garden rolling there is not much additional expenses you have to


Afterwards, you can save your
own seeds, make your own compost and reap the rewards of your mineralized soil
and you may not need to spend a penny more.


Factor in what you save on
fuel by not having to make frequent trips to the market to buy vegetables that
you now have in abundance in your own garden and you raise your savings even


#4: You will not be ingesting chemicals or poisons


The dictum, we are what we eat, could not be farther
from the truth especially when conventional farming practices are involved.
From allergies to neurological disorders and cancers, the dangers of exposure
to pesticides and other agricultural chemicals are well documented.


Laboratory research has long
proven that pesticides do not wash off produce, so these harmful toxins are
ingested and absorbed by the body alongside the food they are sprayed on.
Systemic pesticide varieties, or those which are applied directly to the soil,
are worse because they are absorbed by plant roots and become part of the


When growing your own organic
vegetables, you also eliminate the danger of you and your family’s exposure to
toxic chemicals and the diseases and disorders associated with them.


#5: You can have your exercise and kiss the Sun, too


Organic gardening lets you
spend a fair amount of your time being physically active, with the potential of
burning an average of 300 calories per hour doing moderate gardening tasks.


Aside from providing
opportunities for light cardiovascular exercises, the usual stooping, bending,
digging and raking work out major muscle groups from the arms to the legs.


When gardening, you also
expose yourself to a good amount of sunshine, which apart from the Vitamin D
benefit also works to improve your mood.


#6: You enhance even your mental skills


Gardening is a science, and
gardeners are able to develop their observation, investigation, contemplation
and experimentation skills with each season and with every crop they plant.


Nature is complex and could
sometimes be confusing, and gardening will expose you to nature’s processes and
complexities, all the while improving your keenness to the science and beauty
of nature.


#7: You contribute to nurturing the environment


From reducing pollution and
improving soil health and water quality to promoting a more diverse ecosystem
and cultivating a more sustainable lifestyle, organic vegetable gardening is
one of your best opportunities to contribute to nurturing the environment and
reversing the negative impacts of the sins of our wasteful and hazardous


Consider organic gardening
your own little way of affirmative action for the preservation of Mother Earth,
and you might just look at your fresh plate of salad greens the same simplistic
way ever again.


So what are you waiting for?


Start growing your own
organic vegetable garden now and reap the benefits of a more healthy,
sustainable and rewarding lifestyle!

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