Can You Drink Alcohol on the Paleo Diet?

Can You Drink Alcohol on the Paleo Diet?

some are yes others are no

One of the questions on many people’s lips (pardon the pun) regarding the paleo diet is whether you can drink alcohol when on it? The answer is quite simple – yes with and if, or no with a but! Strictly speaking, the paleo diet says to avoid alcohol. The paleo diet is based on the idea of avoiding consuming foods or drinks that are harmful to your body and that your body cannot process efficiently. Alcohol is one such toxin. However, as with everything, moderation is the key.


Those looking to adopt a paleo diet should not be put off by its’ no-alcohol approach. Rather, you should be aware of why the diet recommends no alcohol, and what that means for you. By understanding the paleo diet, you can tailor your alcohol consumption in such a way that it benefits your diet as much as possible. Going out with friends and having a drink might be very important to your social life, and no diet should impede on your happiness. As always, you simply have to find a balance.

With that in mind, what kind of
alcoholic drinks are best for the paleo diet, and what should definitely be
avoiding if possible? Let’s start with what to avoid.




This one should be fairly obvious,
but for those who are unaware, beer is made from barley and wheat. These are
big no-no’s on the paleo list, so it’s not surprising to find that beer doesn’t
make it onto the recommended list.




Many gins or whiskeys are processed with a grain based alcohol, which we
know from the paleo diet basics is something to avoid. You can either learn
what types of spirits are suitable, or you can play it safe and avoid them




It’s all well and good finding a
grain-free spirit, but that goes out the water if you drown it in a sugary mineral
or fruit juice! When using a mixer, try to soda water and natural lemon/lime
for flavour.


And what about the good stuff?




Made from fermented grapes, wines
are one of the safest choices for those on a paleo diet. Red wine is often
considered a healthy drink when consumed in moderation, and that is no
different here. When choosing a wine, try to avoid particularly sweet wines and
stick to drier variations such as Merlot or Sauvignon Blanc.

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