The Best Summertime Foods

The Best Summertime Foods

And the Worst

Many people think of summer fare as being things like hot dogs, ice cream, and potato chips (none of which are about to win any nutritional excellence awards!). But there’s a world of summer food options that are far healthier, and taste great too.

Find out the whole story in this article from the Food Revolution Network.

Here is a summary of the article: the best and worst summer

Unhealthy summer foods to avoid:

Hot dog


Potato chips


Ice cream


Healthy summer foods to enjoy:

Foods with high water content like watermelon,
cucumber, barriers, tomatoes, etc.

Foods with electrolytes like leafy greens,
avocados, beans, etc.

You can still make delicious, fun, and filling dishes that
scream “summer festivities” with no sense of deprivation or compromise. Here
are some tips straight from the article:

Sides and appetizers can include fruit salads, bean dips
with cut up veggies, and steaming hot corn on
the cob.

Main dishes can even mimic the old favorites, including
carrot dogs and veggie burgers.
Kebabs with seitan or organic tofu instead of meat are also vehicles for
grilling veggie and fruit chunks. One of my favorite combos includes marinated
mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, pineapple, red onion, and marinated extra-firm tofu
on a skewer. Salads can also serve as main dishes, especially when you add
hearty ingredients like beans, quinoa, and roasted veggies. You can grill tofu,
tempeh, and seitan “steaks,” and even make steaks out of large, sliced
cauliflower heads or seasoned jackfruit.

Dessert is only limited by your imagination. You can create
elegant fruit kebabs with berries, grapes, apple and grapefruit chunks, or
whatever else is in season. A blender and a freezer can collaborate to make you
fresh fruit popsicles. And there’s always N’ice cream: homemade non-dairy
ice cream
 (free from all those unhealthy additives).

check out the article for the whole story plus 5 great healthy summer food

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