10 Effective Pain Control Techniques

10 Effective Pain Control Techniques

It doesn’t matter whether your pain is new or something that you have been living with for many years, any of these tips will be helpful to you. 

1. Gentle Exercise

We often allow our pain to sideline us and keep it from the activities that we enjoy. Gentle exercise can help. That means swimming, walking, dancing, and even a spot of gardening can provide you with some pain relief as they can all block pain signals. It also provides your stiff and tight muscles with some helpful stretching. Exercise may be painful initially, so it’s important that you start out gradually and work your way up. You don’t want to make matters worse. 

2. Deep Breathing

If you are experiencing pain you can relieve some of it by focusing on your breathing. As your pain intensifies, you generally start taking rapid and shallow breaths. This only makes you feel panic and anxiety. So, instead try taking a deep breath slowly. This will help you manage the pain in the situation and relax your body, which will prevent the tension in your muscles from getting worse. 

3. Go Into It 

Instead of resisting the pain, try leaning into it instead. When you resist it often lingers, however, embracing it may provide you with relief as it flows through you. Don’t expect this technique to rid you of your pain, though, it won’t. What it will do, though, is change your mindset about it, and make you realize that your pain has taken the control – you can take it back. 

4. Jaw & Facial Stretches 

Try opening your mouth as wide as possible – and once you get there, give it a gentle push to extend it a tiny bit more. You can relax as soon as you feel the muscles tingling and pulling. It may be excruciating and you may find your eyes watering – but it’s going to help release the rest of your pain and provide you with relief. You can follow up by doing the same by pulling your lips over your teeth to stretch your facial muscles. 

5. Self-Massage

You might be surprised by just how much relief you can get by using your own massage skills. For this, all you need is two fingers (particularly the middle and ring) and a want to relieve pain. Rub the pained area using circular motions. You can also aim for pressure points to help relieve pain. Just apply pressure gently to these points for as long as is necessary. You can do this for every area that is experiencing pain. 

6. A Hot Shower

Close the door, close the windows, and get ready to run the shower as hot as you can take it. If you don’t do well with extremely hot water you can let the water run at its hottest for a few minutes to allow steam to build in the bathroom, then turn it down until you can get in.  While you shower, you can place pressure on specific points and provide yourself with a gentle massage. You can also practice your deep breathing exercises. Even better if you have a show head that can get your pressure points for you. 

7. Verbal Expression of Pain 

There is something to be said about talking about your feelings, but… you may not realize that it can be equally as helpful to talk about your pain. Your pain may be linked with emotional pain and getting it all off of your chest might just be enough to relieve some of your pain. You can also write it out if you don’t like the idea of verbally expressing your pain. 

8. Meditation

Meditation and yoga are effective means of relieving all types of pain.  

9. Try An Orgasm

There are few things that can relieve pain like an orgasm – whether it’s a migraine or joint pain. It’s the most natural painkiller you can get.

 10. Counseling 

The problem with pain is can affect your mental health, leaving you anxious, grumpy, and depressed. Seeking therapy may help. 

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