13 Causes And Triggers For Headaches And Natural Solutions

13 Causes And Triggers For Headaches And Natural Solutions

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Many of us find ourselves in the middle of the day with a heavy feeling atop the eyebrows, in the back of the ears, around the nape that often radiates down to the neck and shoulders.

Sometimes, it’s such a regular occurrence that we think nothing of it – we just pop one ibuprofen or paracetamol tablet and go on our way, plodding through the daily grind.

1.      Sometimes, we don’t realize it, but, the headache is brought about by sensory stimulation (more like sensory over-stimulation) in our environment.  For one, the incessant ringing of phones, the incoming email alerts, SMS alerts, Facebook notifications and twitter tweets just keep going off all around us in a steady flow.

2.      If you add to this your teenager’s blaring music or the music you listen to through your headphones, the whirring of the dishwasher, the refrigerator and the heating, or the blaring of horns while stuck in the gridlock of traffic, it is a sure-fire formula for sensory overloading and overstimulation that may result in a dull throbbing headache.

3.      At the office, even when you have a corner office, the big windows from which bright light (and reflected glare) from other high-rise office buildings, cell towers, electronic billboards, huge projection screens and neon lights on the street also cause overstimulation that hurts your eyes and cause a headache.

4.      When you miss or skip a meal or when you fail to eat your meal on time, this causes gastric complaints which also trigger headaches. 

5.      Consuming too much caffeine, sugary treats and drinks, salty and processed ‘fast’ foods and even nicotine from smoking all conspire to constrict and dilate the blood vessels in your head that often contribute to developing a headache.

6.      Haven’t you noticed that sometimes, on a very hot day when you eat ice cream or drink a super cold smoothie, not only do you get brain freeze, but, the brain freeze very suddenly develops into throbbing pain?

7.      Often, sensitivity in the teeth to hot and cold food and drinks can trigger a painful reaction that instantly develops into a headache.

8.      Inability to properly move the bowels; or the inability to consistently and effectively move the bowels and eliminate waste from our bodies can also trigger headaches.

9.      Not drinking enough water can cause dehydration; irregular meals and meals that do not have enough fiber cause constipation.  Constipation makes bowel movement difficult.  Constipation triggers headaches, too.

10.  Watching television late into the night, playing a video game, or staring at a computer screen too long can also cause a headache. 

11.  Reading without sufficient light or with too bright lights can also cause headaches. The brightness of the computer monitor or screen in front of you may also cause eye strain which also triggers headaches.

12.  Wrong posture: when you slouch or when you sit in an uncomfortable chair, or when you sleep on a too soft or too lumpy a bed can all affect the back muscles and cause tension around the lower back, the shoulder blades, the shoulders and the neck that all radiate toward your head.

13.  We probably take on too much, too soon and for too long periods. We do not realize that the more we try to accomplish and the more we drive ourselves to accomplish more, we pay for it with headaches and miserable pain.

Out Of The Box Solutions  

Before you reach for that aspirin or paracetamol bottle in your purse or drawer, think about what may have caused your headache, and then think of how your headache can be eliminated by identifying that one headache trigger.

We have to observe our habits, our surroundings, our work spaces and our activities. If it is the intake of food or the improper intake of food that causes the headaches, then we must change our eating habits.  If it is the consumption of too much of a certain kind of substance, then the culprit must be eliminated from the diet.

If it is a question of sensory overload or sensory overstimulation, we must change our surroundings.

Adjust the brightness of our computer screens, change the light bulbs, install a shade or blinds on the window, install tinted glass that cuts glare or simply shut the door to your office to shut out the sounds from outside.

Put your phone on mute, silent or vibrate so that you do not have to deal with the incessant demands for your attention.

Best of all, we must have regular eating habits, sleeping times and consistent bowel movements.

We must get sufficient rest, sleep and times of quiet in a darkened room to give relief to our senses.

We need daily exercise and we must breathe deeply if we are to “cleanse” our bodies and our minds and prevent headaches.

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