Celery juice helps brain fog

Celery juice helps brain fog

Simple cure

Brain fog is often dismissed as a mild symptom of momentary memory loss or confusion. But chronic brain fog can be debilitating and impact every area of your life. For some people, this condition can be so extreme that they lose their jobs, have to drop out of school, or spend days in bed when they need to be looking after their family or other responsibilities.

A simple daily routine can help heal brain fog.

This article from Medical Medium tells us how.

What really causes
brain fog

Brain fog has two main causes, sometimes occurring
separately and sometimes at the same time.

One of the most common reasons for brain fog is a low-grade
viral infection from a virus residing in the liver such as the Epstein-Barr virus
(EBV). When viruses like Epstein-Barr are present in the liver they need to
sustain themselves to survive. Medical science and research have yet to
discover this truth: viruses eat. They feed off of what I call “liver
troublemakers” that have found their way into the liver, such as old
pharmaceuticals; mercury, aluminum, copper, and other toxic heavy metals;
solvents; and petrochemicals, to name just a few. They also feed off of certain
foods,  including eggs, dairy, and gluten.

When EBV fuels itself on these troublemakers, it releases
neurotoxins that can float around the bloodstream, enter the brain, and dampen
or short-circuit electrical impulses there while weakening neurotransmitter
chemicals. The result is brain fog. Medical research and science are completely
unaware of this cause. Note that people with viral brain fog don’t normally
have a virus in the brain itself. Instead they’re dealing with a viral
infection in the liver.

The second most common reason for brain fog is toxic heavy
metals in the brain. Mercury and aluminum are two of the most common ones that
sit in the brain and interfere with electrical impulses. Electrical impulses
tend to short out after running into deposits of toxic heavy metals, resulting
in trouble forming clear thoughts.

We are all exposed to toxic heavy metals over our lifetimes.
Toxic heavy metals are passed down generationally through the family line also.
We can be born with mercury in our brains that’s from over 2,000 years ago in
our family line. Having EBV or another virus inside the liver and/or toxic
heavy metals in the brain is extremely common in the times we are living in, so
it’s not surprising once you understand these causes why so many people
experience chronic brain fog at some point in their life.

While these are the two most common reasons for brain fog,
that doesn’t mean that everybody’s brain fog will look the same. Far from it.
In truth, there are hundreds of variations of brain fog, with each person
experiencing their own version that’s a little different. One reason for this
is because toxic heavy metals are located in different areas of the brain and
in different amounts in every person. Plus, the types of metals in each person
will be different, along with the rate at which they are oxidizing and how old
they are. Each person will experience brain fog differently based on whether
they also have viral-caused brain fog and if so, by which virus. These are just
some of the factors that impact how someone’s brain fog will present itself.

How celery juice
helps heal brain fog

Celery juice contains undiscovered sodium cluster salts that
attach to viral neurotoxins, disarming them while also disarming EBV’s viral
cells before they can even reach the brain and cause brain fog. Celery juice
also helps clean up the liver and kill off pathogens like EBV that have made a
home in the liver.

The special sodium cluster salts in celery juice also help
strengthen neurotransmitter chemicals as well as electrical impulses. Celery
juice’s special blend of healing benefits work together to clean
neurotransmitters that are dirty from viruses, toxins, and heavy metals. Celery
juice’s sodium cluster salts also help the electricity in the brain, which
leads to greater mental clarity.

Celery juice’s healing properties help detoxify toxic heavy
metals from the brain and neutralize their destructive charge. This incredible
juice also helps stop the oxidation of toxic heavy metals, which prevents them
from further interfering with brain function.

These are just some of the ways celery juice helps heal all
the variations of brain fog. That’s the best part: no matter which of the two
most common reasons I’ve discussed here is causing your brain fog, celery juice
will go to work helping to address the true root cause of your specific

To get the full healing benefits from this herbal extraction
you need to drink 16 oz of fresh celery juice each morning on am empty stomach.
And then wait 15 – 30 minutes before you have anything else.

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