Circulation Problems – Cold Hands and Feet

Circulation Problems – Cold Hands and Feet

Many women experience freezing cold hands and icy cold feet due to poor blood circulation. Of course, many will tell you that their cold hands mean they have a warm heart! 

The Estrogen Connection


Some studies suggest that estrogen levels are responsible for cold hands and feet in women. This may be one of the main reasons that women typically suffer from this problem more commonly than their male counterparts.


Women in their early 30’s and 40’s can suffer the effects of “Estrogen Dominance” when their body has a much higher level of estrogen than progesterone as they approach and enter perimenopause.


Cold hands and feet are one of the symptoms of Estrogen Dominance; however, this may also be indicative of a thyroid issue. Make an appointment with your family doctor and request a blood test for hormone levels.


This will show you what your Thyroid and Estrogen levels are up to, among other things, and be a good starting point for determining treatment.


Raynaud’s Disease


Raynaud’s Disease is an immune disorder also known as Raynaud’s Syndrome and Raynaud’s Phenomenon. It is characterized by an exaggerated constrictive response to cold. Approximately 60%-90% of sufferers are women.


If your hands and feet, (or fingers, toes and nose) become blotchy and white in appearance, feel numb and/or give way to a bluish color and swelling, it is vital to check in with your doctor.


This is especially important if you particularly find you’re consistently flaring up when exposed to cold weather or when handling frozen foods. 


Typically, patients are frequently chilly when others are not. Of course, the worst time for spasmodic contraction of small veins and arteries is during the winter. Studies show that this ailment is higher among those who suffer from migraines.


Left untreated, this condition may eventually damage blood vessel walls and cause even more serious issues, such as gangrene.


Natural Help for Raynaud’s Disease


There are things you can do to help with Raynaud’s disease. They are:


·        Reduce coffee and tea intake, avoid iced drinks, milk and red meat.

·        Take 2 tablespoons of virgin olive oil every day.

·        Avoid immersing hands in freezing cold water.

·        Wear gloves during cold weather.

·        Eat green vegetables and salad daily with cider vinegar dressing.

·        Increased calcium intake through the colder seasons improves blood flow by ensuring vasodilation, and helping the tissues to relax.


Although cold hands and feet are not uncommon, they can be a problem where your partner is concerned! Trying to put your icicle feet against your partners warm legs or wrapping your icy cold fingers around their body, could leave some partners rather annoyed.


Therefore, you may find stimulating your circulation with the following herbs a great way to rectify this issue.



Herbal Blood Circulation Stimulants


·        Cayenne Pepper


Cayenne Pepper is an invaluable remedy for those who suffer from cold hands and feet. Start out slowly and gradually increase as your tolerance builds up.


Either sprinkle some on your meals or make a hot drink. Add a dash or two of cayenne pepper, lemon juice and honey. You can purchase capsules or make your own from the pure herb and empty gelatin capsules.


Be sure to take capsules with food, as some people find this spice can cause an upset tummy if taken on an empty stomach.


If you experience a “burning ring of fire” during your bowel movement, simply reduce the amount you are ingesting and take with yogurt or acidophilus the next time.


You can even sprinkle a bit into your socks or gloves and let the warming take effect externally.


Ginger and Cinnamon


Ginger Root is another warming herb that you can easily pick up from your local grocery or natural foods store.


Thinly slice some ginger root and make a homemade cup of tea. You can add cinnamon, honey and lemon juice for a delicious hot toddy.


Candied ginger is a great option for keeping in your purse, at your desk or in your car, for those times when you need a quick bit of ginger to get the blood circulation happening. It’s also perfect for the times when you don’t have time to make a hot drink for yourself.

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