4 Key Essential Oils for Wellness

4 Key Essential Oils for Wellness

many health benefits 

Essential oils have many health benefits that can reduce the need for medications due to pain or illness. This healing method is known as aromatherapy and has become more commonly used within the last couple of years.


There are over 90 different types of essential oils that all have a unique smell and different benefits. Below are four commonly used essential oils and the different ways that they can provide relief and promote general wellness.



is it?


Lavender oil is one of the most popular types of essential
oils that can also be seen in many skincare products and other household items.
When pure lavender oil is used, it has tons of benefits that can assist with
mental health.


According to WebMD, there is tons of research linking
lavender oil to a reduction in anxiety and an overall sense of calm. In
addition, lavender oil increases the amount of melatonin production in the body
which allows for better quality of sleep and tranquility.


to use?   


There are
many different ways to utilize lavender oil in your daily life. Spraying a bit
of lavender oil over your pillows and blankets can promote a calmer feeling
before bed and allow you to fall asleep much more rapidly.


One way to
use lavender oil to calm yourself down in stressful situations is to mix a
small amount of coconut oil with drops of lavender oil in a travel size bottle.
You can put it onto your wrist and smell it in order to calm the mind when you
feel anxious. This is a great way to feel calm in an environment that may seem
stressful and calm yourself down before the anxiety becomes overwhelming.


Eucalyptus Oil


What is it?


oil is very beneficial for relieving pain, as a decongestant, and as a natural
remedy for cold and flu symptoms. It fights bacteria and works as a natural
anti-inflammatory which can help reduce the amount of unnecessary medications
you take when feeling under the weather.


How to use?


Adding a
few drops of eucalyptus oil to hot water or an air vaporizer can allow you to create
steam that will help with sickness. Deeply inhaling the vapor will loosen mucus
and act as a cough suppressant. It can also be used on the skin when diluted in
order to fight inflammation and heal wounds. Eucalyptus oil is very beneficial
when you feel cold and flu symptoms or pain from ailments or wounds.


Orange Oil


What is it?


essential oil is a very refreshing and energizing oil that can naturally enhance
immunity and treat many health concerns. It can also be used topically to
improve skin quality and reduce skin conditions. Many people use orange oil to
cleanse and refresh the rooms in their house which can improve the quality of
living in one’s home.


How to use?


to Very Well Health, inhaling orange oil through a vaporizer combined with warm
water can help to regulate the nervous system. This method is a mood booster
and can alleviate anxiety and stress.


When used
topically on the skin, orange oil allows the body to absorb vitamin C. These
benefits can improve acne and other skin conditions. This can be done by adding
a few drops of orange oil to a carrier oil and applying small amounts to the


Peppermint Oil


What is it?


oil has a stronger scent than other commonly used essential oils. When inhaled,
it can be used to improve focus, boost energy, calm nerves, and allow you to be
more alert. Peppermint oil has also been shown to help with memory retention.
It can also ease nausea and alleviate pain related to various health


How to use?


One of the
best ways to utilize peppermint oil is by mixing it with boiling water and
positioning your head about the bowl with a towel in between. Inhaling the
steam will alleviate headaches and improve focus nearly immediately. When added
to a warm bath, it can help boost energy and relieve stiffness and stress.

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