5 Ideas for Teaching A Class on Essential Oils

5 Ideas for Teaching A Class on Essential Oils

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Are you thinking about teaching a class on essential oils? Have you decided to share your passion and knowledge about the amazing healing properties of the oil from certain herbs, plants, flowers and trees? That’s great, but maybe you don’t know where to begin. Incorporate the following tips for teaching a class on essential oils and you will develop a strong reputation as being an authoritative and effective teacher on the subject.

– Break Out The Products


just drone on and on, pointing at pictures or showing a PowerPoint slide. If a
picture is worth a thousand words, a physical item your class can hold in its
hands is even more valuable. Pass around some bottles of essential oils. Let
your class plug in and use an electric diffuser. Bring some plants and herbs
that can be smelled, handled and visually recognized. Props make class fun, and
they also trigger auditory, olfactory, visual and tactile learning systems.


– Teach Your Strengths


might know more about diffusers than any other essential oils topic. Maybe you
are the queen of knowledge concerning lavender, arguably the most versatile
essential oil of all. The point here is to teach a class on some topic where
you have a wealth of knowledge. Your students will learn more when you teach
from an area of strength.


– Make Your Essential Oils Class Goal Specific


some specific end in sight before you begin teaching. What do you want your
class to know when they are through? There should be one specific and
attainable goal that anyone attending your essential oils class will achieve if
they pay attention, take notes and make an effort.


– Make an Outline


you follow the 2nd tip on this list, you will be teaching an area of essential
oils in which you have a great deal of knowledge. But that does not mean you
should just wing it. Spend time preparing, and make an outline of the points
you want to discuss and cover. Make sure to leave time for questions from your
students. And include a FAQs handout that may answer some questions your
attendees forgot to ask until after they left your class.


– Don’t Forget to Have Fun


you are having fun, your students are too. Don’t make yourself and your
attendees feel like they are back in the classroom of their most hated teacher
in high school. Have fun teaching and your essential oils class will be a lot
more successful.

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