5 Things That Take a Toll on Your Skin

5 Things That Take a Toll on Your Skin

Besides the sun

The first thing that comes to mind for most of us when thinking about what may harm the skin is the sun. Still, the population seems obsessed with tanning and lying in the sun for hours at a time. The toll on your skin is tremendous.

But there are other factors to take into consideration which may act to harm the skin. Here are five factors – other than sun – which can wreak havoc with the skin:


1.    Lack of hydration. Water is essential to keep the skin supple and moist. Water helps digestion and circulation – two elements important to a clear, healthy skin. Without water, no organ in your body will function as it should and since the skin is an organ, it will become dry and wrinkly if not properly hydrated.


2.    Age. You can’t do a lot about getting older, but you can be aware of the inevitable changes which occur with age and address those problems. You can combat aging skin by keeping it hydrated with water, clean and supple by using the correct moisturizer.


3.    Cold and windy climate. Winter is detrimental to your skin’s condition unless you prepare properly for it. Dry and itchy skin is the results of a brutal winter, but a good moisturizer and proper skin care will help combat these conditions.


4.    Pollution. One of the silent problems for your skin is living in a polluted area of the world. Pollutants such as chemicals in the air break down your skin by attacking its natural protection mechanisms. Always cleanse your face thoroughly and be sure to keep hydrated and moisturized.


5.    Diet and exercise. One without the other negates part of the positive aspects of each. If you practice a diet lacking in nutrients you may experience malnutrition, which affects the skin, hair and nails. Exercise helps distribute the good nutrients in your diet to aid circulation and provide oxygen to the skin.


There are other factors – such as hormones, genes, smoking, alcohol and stress, which definitely take a toll on the health of your skin. Some (such as genes) you can’t help, but you can use the latest scientific findings and beauty treatments to combat the harmful results.


If you constantly neglect your skin, you’ll be exacerbating the effects of everything you can’t control – such as air pollution. Maintain a good skin care regimen – both inside and out – to ensure your skin keeps its elasticity and glow. 

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