Harmful estrogen? Stop it now.

Harmful estrogen? Stop it now.

Life changing results

If you’ve been noticing extremes in your mood, sudden increases in weight, more intensity in PMS or menopause symptoms, it’s time to consider a combination of nutrients that can make all the difference to stop the suffering of risky hormonal conditions. You can stop estrogen gone array, and get back to a healthy, vibrant, life.

Estrogen is required for good health. In fact, it is a miraculous hormone. But as estrogen lives out its life cycle, it can warp into unhealthy, dangerous forms. We are also exposed every day to toxins (called xenoestrogens) from plastic bottles, pesticides, and other contaminants that can act just like harmful forms of estrogen in the body. 

Terry Talks Nutrition he outlines the nutrients that increase your body’s
ability to keep estrogen in its healthy form

Estrogen, like other hormones, is transported through the
bloodstream. And while it is considered a “woman’s hormone”, estrogen is
necessary for both women and men. In women, estrogen helps the body maintain a
normal temperature, regulates the menstrual cycle, strengthens the liver and
cardiovascular system, keeps metabolism running smoothly, and much more. In
fact, you could say that there are few things that hormones—especially
estrogen—don’t do.

A compound known as DIM—naturally occurring in broccoli,
cabbage, cauliflower, and other cruciferous vegetables—has an amazing ability
to treat estrogen dominance and help the body detoxify xenoestrogens. DIM helps
estrogen stay in its healthiest form, which is associated with a reduced risk
of severe menopause or PMS symptoms, decreased fat accumulation, and less
chance of cancer.

To guard against hormonally-related cancer, stop PMS and
perimenopause symptoms, and ensure estrogen stays in its healthy form, Terry
recommends curcumin, French grape seed extract, and DIM taken 1-2 times daily.

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