Some People Look Years Older Than They Are

Some People Look Years Older Than They Are

What you can do to prevent

It’s just a fact that some people age faster than others. Many factors go into this fact – weight, where they live, diet, exercise and overall health are just a few. Genes also play a large part in why some people look older than they are. If your parents and grandparents aged rapidly, you may too.


The first thing to examine in why people age as they do is to look at their medical history and present health. Functions of the lungs, immune system, metabolism, kidneys and liver play a part in the aging process just as HDL cholesterol and cardio-fitness.

Dental health and the eyes are also important in determining why people age differently than others. Your lifestyle has the most to do with how you age. If you take good care of your body, you can expect to look years younger even though other factors may not be in your favor.


Little tweaks you can make in your everyday routine can take years off your face body and add years to your life. You can interfere with the aging clock and set it back by changing some bad habits to good ones.


You’ll be amazed at how your looks improve when you stop bad habits such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol, adopting the proper diet and exercising. A good skin-care routine can also subtract years from your face.


Wrinkles and age spots may be prevented by hydrating your body and your skin. Use a proper moisturizer for your skin type and be sure to wear a powerful sunscreen when you venture out in the sun.


Sun drastically ages a person. When you’re young, you may spend hours lying in the sun, oblivious to the harmful effects those rays are having on your skin. As you age, you’ll see what damage has been done and may even suffer from skin cancer.


You’ve likely seen people who have spent hours in the sun from work or pleasure and have the deep lines and spotted face to show for it. The effects of the sun can be somewhat curtailed by a good skin routine, but not completely eradicated.


If you never exercise and get enough fresh air, you run a risk of looking older than you actually are. Exercise releases chemicals which enhance your mood and your health, keep your skin glowing and muscles and joints moving properly.


So get rid of bad habits, which affect your overall health, adapt a good diet and exercise program and wear sunscreen. You’ll be amazed at how many years you can knock off your appearance.

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