Surviving the Pandemic with Your Health and Senses

Surviving the Pandemic with Your Health and Senses

do’s and don’ts

With what is going on with this pandemic you are doing things you are not use to doing.

You are not able to do things you would like to do.

We found a great article from Nick Polizzi the founder of Sacred Science that is worth your time to read.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts he recommends.


1.       Find new ways to deepen your relationship with your partner, your family, and your close friends. Turbulent times have a way of bringing people closer together – don’t resist it!

2.      Start a mindfulness practice – whether it’s yoga, meditation, gratitude rituals, prayer… now is the time to go deep and evolve from within!

3.      Wear a mask in public and wash your hands after touching things that were handled by folks outside your inner sphere. 

4.      Get out into nature. 

5.      Turn your kitchen into a delicious lab of wholesome wellness. Learn some new recipes that tantalize your tastebuds while nourishing your soul.



1.       Compromise your sleep

2.      Day drink

3.      Eat convenience food


We will survive this.

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