7 Positive Thoughts For Motivating Yourself In Fitness

7 Positive Thoughts For Motivating Yourself In Fitness

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1. There Will Never Be A Better Time

Biologically speaking, fitness will never come easier than it will right now – assuming that you’re at least in your twenties when you read this.

You can never be too young to get healthier, but it can be difficult to make long-term health plans or be too invested in your fitness before and during puberty because your body is changing so fast. You have to think about things like calorie intake and muscle and bone growth in completely different ways, though you can always do things like eat a balanced diet and get plenty of exercise.

Once your body figures out what it’s doing in your twenties, it is far easier to make and keep consistent health goals. Beginning in your thirties, your body can start to passively lose muscle mass and bone mass, your body can start to have a harder time getting the oxygen it needs, and your metabolism slows down. This decline is very gradual until around your sixties when it begins to pick up speed. The take-away is that even though you may have missed times in your life when attaining fitness goals would have been easier, they won’t get any easier if you keep putting them off.

2. There Has Never Been A Better Time

Another piece of good news is that this may be the best time in history to improve fitness.

Other periods in history had advantages in that people were less likely to live a sedentary lifestyle, but at no point in history have humans known so much about the body and about its needs and abilities.

More than that, all of this information is readily available from sources like the internet. People have known for thousands of years that exercising is good for you and we’ve known for a while now that some sources of sugar and fat are bad for you, but information on how to put this knowledge into practice has never been more readily available.

It also helps that we are living in a time when people are particularly conscious about what we put in our bodies. For the last seventy years or so, humans, especially in North America, have been more heavily focused on what kinds of foods we can create rather than what kinds of foods we should be eating. Thankfully, in the last few years, we have started to wake up to the kinds of unhealthy things that had become staples in our diets. This realization is making healthier choices more visible and more affordable.

3. Your Mind Will Thank You

People have talked for thousands of years about a possible mind-body connection. Scientists are beginning to admit that while we might not understand it completely, physical health is very closely linked to emotional health.

Taking better care of your body can help for you to feel better emotionally and feeling better emotionally can help for you to stay healthier.

4. Your Community Will Thank You

Different parts of your body are connected, and you are connected in a similar way to everyone around you.

Being unhealthy has become something of a societal norm in many places, but it isn’t too late to reverse that trend. Healthy people passively encourage other people to be healthy.

More than that, the healthier people there are in an area, the more economical it is for people to gain access to health equipment and healthy food because that is how markets work. If healthy people demand certain products, those products will become readily available and the more people demand those products the more available they will become.

In this way, healthy societies aren’t only composed of healthy people, they create healthy people and every time that you make a healthy choice instead of an unhealthy one you are contributing to the overall health of your community.

5. Your Friends And Family Support You

While few people think of the connections described in the last paragraph, people other than yourself are probably concerned about your health.

There has been a lot of talk lately about “fat shaming”, the practice of discouraging unhealthy behaviors not because you are concerned for a person’s health but because you find unattractive people unpleasant to look at. We are not talking about that shallow and superficial aspect of other people’s “concern” for your health, we are talking about the people that love you and want to see you live a healthier life and indeed a longer life.

These people can be inspiration to you without them even knowing it. If they have ever talked to you about your health, however, talk to them about your goals and the work that you are doing to achieve them. Having a healthy network of support can contribute a great deal towards achieving your goals.

If your friends and family don’t seem supportive or you don’t have a large network of these people, your doctor is one person who cares about your health and will be thrilled to hear you talk about your goals and your progress.

6. You Will Thank You

Other people aside, the first person that you should be thinking of as you motivate yourself in fitness is yourself. No one has more vested interest in your health than you do. No one will reap the physical and mental benefits of improved health in greater measure than you will.

Thinking of other people who want you to be healthy can be a great source of motivation and support, but you should always be thinking of yourself first and foremost as you strive toward your goal.

7. You Can Do It

The last positive thought that this article has to offer is one that you have probably heard before but bears repeating – you can do it.

No matter where you live, the resources that you need to become a healthier person are available to you. Some people in some circumstances may have an easier time of it than you, but all that you really need to improve your health is dedication. You can do it.

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