Affirmation: Mental challenges help me to develop strategic thinking

Affirmation:   Mental challenges help me to develop strategic

Affirmations & Reflections

Affirmations & Reflections

that challenge my mind are great development opportunities. They help me to be
more strategic and thoughtful when making decisions.


Each day
there is a difficulty at work that I am required to overcome. I realize that my
option is to find a solution if I want the difficulty to go away. I
treat it like a puzzle that needs to be solved.


puzzles requires strategic thinking. I weigh all the options first, and then
narrow down to the most suitable one.
From that I carve a path to get
through the maze.


issues also require some amount of strategy to resolve. My approach is to
determine the outcome that is best for my peace of mind. Then, I take the
necessary steps to get to that outcome.


Even though my
decisions are sometimes unpopular, I opt to take the route that best defeats
the challenge.


I am a
great resource for others who need help with resolving situations. My ability
to think in the midst of pressure makes me effective in group situations.


Today, I see
myself becoming better at strategizing the more I encounter challenging
situations. I relish in the idea of developing strategic thinking even more as
time goes on. I confidently await situations that test my ability to overcome.


Self-Reflection Questions:


1.    How do I recover when I realize a
challenge is getting the better of me?

2.    Which outside influences do I use to
help me in the strategic thinking process?

3.    What do I do when I am having
difficulty coming to the answer for a challenge?

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