Gain more clarity and support in your life

Gain more clarity and support in your life 

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Each New Year I reflect on the past year and invite new focus and attention.

I am not big on resolutions. However, I do like focus, attention, and intention. As you know, when you move forward by design, all sorts of great things can happen. You can find love, upgrade your health through food and exercise choices, create new purpose-driven projects.


The following is from our friends at Veg Health:

As we move into 2018,

I decided that I am going to focus on loving and accurate communication and optimal health. With that focus, I weigh my decisions “Does this support clear communication?” “Is this choice going to make me more healthy?” If not, then I won’t choose it. Of course, if I falter, I can get back on track since I have set my course. I know these aren’t exactly SMART* goals but they work for me.

I measure how I’m doing in two ways:

  1. Regularly review the quality of all my relationships like my marriage, team, family, tribe.
  2. Stay on target with the amount of exercise, sleep and good food I need to feel vibrant and have a clean bill of health.

This week, I have included a 3 minute meditation to help you have more clarity and support you in your focus for 2018.



 Use this meditation to gain more clarity in your life!



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