I live in prosperity and abundance

I live in prosperity and abundance

Affirmations & Reflections

Affirmations & Reflections

Each day, I choose to
live with the belief that everything I need is always provided.
The universe is generous to me. The
amount I can receive is only limited by my beliefs.


is an option available to us all.

I can have anything that I focus on with expectation. As time goes on, I
experience increasing abundance.


constantly find new opportunities that enrich my life. The opportunities
presented to me can be subtle, but I notice them. I take advantage of these
opportunities to the fullest. I am enhancing my life each day.


I find
myself worrying less about meeting my basic needs. What I need to live flows to
me effortlessly. As these basic needs are met more easily, I am free to
expand my life in other areas.
My life is complete and satisfying.


Each day
is a gift that I enjoy unwrapping. I am pleasantly surprised by the unfolding
of the day.


I receive
many blessings and feel thankful for each of them.


Today, I
am allowing more abundance and prosperity in my life than ever before. I
am completely open to receiving every opportunity and possibility.
live in prosperity and abundance.




1.    How am I currently limiting the
abundance in my life?

2.    In what ways would my life be
enhanced if my level of prosperity increased?

3.    What are some examples of prosperity
and abundance that I have enjoyed?

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