5 Ways To Improve Nutrient Absorption In The Body

5 Ways To Improve Nutrient Absorption In The Body

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You can eat all the best foods and yet can have them go to waste if you don’t eat them so that they get absorbed by the body. Nutrient absorption is a complex process of digestion involving the actions of the stomach, pancreatic juices, and small bowel absorption.  

5 Tricks To
Improve Digestion

There are enzymes in saliva that begin the breakdown process
of food. Add to that the act of mastication to chew the food into small pieces
and you have the beginnings of good digestion. Food that is swallowed whole or
barely chewed will not be able to break down much further in your stomach if it
is not broken down into small pieces by chewing.

plenty of water with your meal.
The enzymes in your mouth and
stomach rely on water to do their job. Water can make the amylase in your
saliva begin to digest food and you will be able to get the food down more
easily when it is moist. There should be liquid in your stomach in order to
churn up the food and break down proteins and carbohydrates by the acid in your

Don’t take
antacids with food.
Your stomach has a very low pH so that the acid in
the stomach can break down proteins and carbohydrates especially. If you
neutralize your stomach acid during a meal, you will not break down food as
easily as it would be broken down with a low pH level in your stomach. Your
stomach is very important in the digestive process and you need to have this
part of the digestive process working in order to digest the food. People who
have things like gluten intolerance will have loose stools of undigested
material because the stomach does not have the capabilities of digesting
gluten-containing foods and the stomach lining is inflamed. 

Eat a
balanced diet.
All diets need to have carbohydrates, proteins, and fat in
them. You need all three macronutrients to absorb into your system for proper
nutrition. Complex carbs are broken down into simple sugars and absorbed in the
small intestines. Large proteins are broken down into amino acids to build
enzymes and cellular structures. Fats are broken down in the duodenum with the
help of bile salts so that the fatty acids that come out of larger fats can be
absorbed and used to create cell walls.

Don’t be
afraid of fiber.
Fiber can bind nutrients so they aren’t flooding the
system but it doesn’t prevent nutrient absorption all together. Fiber makes it
easier to gradually absorb nutrients without a flood of nutrients entering the
system at one time. Soluble fiber, however, can bind cholesterol so that the
cholesterol you eat doesn’t end up in your system.

Duodenal and small intestinal tract absorption happens all by
itself and there is nothing you can do to maximize the absorption of these
small molecules of food. You can try taking probiotics so that you don’t have
leaky gut syndrome from unhealthy bacteria and fungi in the intestines causing
larger particles of food to enter the system. Probiotics can be found in yogurt
that contains live cultures or from probiotic supplements containing live
bacteria or bacterial spores that are activated in the gut. 

Healthy bacteria from probiotics will break down some things
that you cannot break down for your own nutrients and they can use nutrients
you don’t need in order to thrive inside the intestines. If you find yourself
feeling bloated and passing a lot of undigested foods or if you find yourself
with chronic diarrhea or constipation, think about taking a probiotic
supplement to enhance digestion and to keep your immune system healthy.  

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