Better Than a Juice Cleanse!

There are many”quick fixes” to undo months or years of wrong eating.


Not really.

What about juice cleanses?


From celebrities to personal trainers, there’s no shortage of so-called experts advocating fasts or juice cleanses to detox. If you Google “detox,” you’ll get nearly 64 million results for diet programs and treatments that are supposed to help “flush out your system,” “remove toxic substances from the body,” “give your GI tract a rest,” or “speed up your metabolism” and “enhance your overall health.” But despite all the hype and popularity, there’s little proof that fasting or following a deprivation diet for several days actually delivers on any of the above promises. via: Don’t Fall For These 7 Nutrition Myths

There are better ways to make up for your mistakes. 

Going on a cleanse is “completely unnecessary,” Andy Bellatti, a Las Vegas-based dietician, told The Huffington Post. “It accomplishes nothing.” via: What to Eat Instead of Going on a Juice Cleanse 

Detoxes or juice cleanses try to sell the idea that they are the greatest. 

Detoxes sell a completely inaccurate idea that within a few days, a person can undo the damage he or she has caused to their body over the previous five years. via: What to Eat Instead of Going on a Juice Cleanse 

You are better off to eat a good plant based diet in order to solve your wrongful eating.

Eating natural foods in their whole form is the best bet: The healthy compounds they contain work synergistically and are best left intact. Eating an apple, for example, is better than drinking its juice, because the fiber can help prevent high spikes in blood sugar. The sugar in the fiber-less juice doesn’t have anything to stop it from spiking blood sugar levels. via: What to Eat Instead of Going on a Juice Cleanse 

There is nothing wrong with some juice. But…

But juice is overrated as a miracle cure that is, in reality, no miracle at all. If you’re looking to clean up your diet, good on you! via: What to Eat Instead of Going on a Juice Cleanse 


So look to eating a plant based diet to improve your heatlh. And leave the juice to a side drink once in a while. 




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