Grape seed extract for health

Grape seed extract for health

Choose this natural seed for greater health

Research proves grape seed extract fights cancer

This amazing ingredient prevents heart disease, kills cancer cells, speeds the healing of damaged muscle tissue, reduces non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, reduces inflammation, and can even stop diabetes and prevent weight gain.

Check this article from Terry Talks Nutrition for all the information.

Grape seed extract is a great multitasker. Grape seed extract addresses a multitude of health concerns. It is one of nature’s “do everything” ingredients. The following is a benefit:

Heart cardiovascular disease

Oxidative stress

High blood pressure


Exercise recovery


Focus & cognition


Alzheimer’s disease

Obesity & weight gain


Terry  recommends taking 150-1,200 mg of tannin-free, French grape seed extract daily.

  • High Blood Pressure: 300 mg daily
  • Leg veins/chronic venous insufficiency (CVI): 150-300 mg daily
  • Cancer: 600-1,200 mg daily
  • Cancer Prevention: 150-400 mg daily
  • Menopause: 150- 200 mg daily

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