20 “Abundance” Affirmations

20 “Abundance” Affirmations

I am
faithful and loyal. I cherish the abundance of happiness that each day brings

Every day I
am attracting wealth and abundance.

I am

continuously flow in and out of my life.

Life is full
of the potential to create wealth and abundance.

I live my
life on the same life frequency as abundance and wealth.

I am open to
attracting wealth.

I will
openly share the abundance that I receive.

I deserve
the abundance that enters my life constantly.

I am
grateful for the wealth and riches in my life.

I am open to
every opportunity that comes my way.

I am in the
right mindset to attract abundance in my life.

I will take
the steps to move from poor thoughts to rich thoughts.

I was born
to be abundant.

I will let
go of my negative beliefs about money and abundance.

Today I will
be prosperous., I will manifest abundance in my life.

I am open to
creating abundance in my life.

The universe
will allow me to be on the same wavelength as wealth and abundance.

Abundance in
this universe is unlimited, and I will harness the power to receive it.

Feeling good
and feeling positive attracts a massive amount of abundance.

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