4 Actions That Target Your Personal Growth

4 Actions That Target Your Personal Growth


We all have areas where we want to improve; health, work, family, you name it. But reality sets in along with a busy schedule that doesn’t leave any space for quite time, let alone individual development. We also rarely have the willpower we need to see it through. Or maybe we just don’t know where or how to start.


Not being able to define your own long-term goals will end up in a life that’s devoid of meaning or direction. You start losing that spark and the motivation to get up each morning wanes.


define personal growth plan as “the process of
creating an action plan based on awareness, values, reflection, goal-setting
and planning for personal development within the context of a career,
education, relationship or for self-improvement.”


An individualized growth plan can help you achieve the vision
you have of yourself. It’s something we need to consciously think about and
strive toward. If you don’t plan your own development and growth, no one else


Here are 4 steps you can take for a well-developed, easy-to-implement,
personalized plan.


1. Know Thyself

In order to plan for the future, you have to reflect on your
past experiences, your weaknesses and strengths; they’ve made you who you are
today. You also have to clarify your own unique values, such as integrity,
respect for others, leadership, honesty. Your values define your stance whether
it’s at the workplace, with family and friends, and in your romantic
relationships. Moreover, there are several important questions you have to ask


  • What do I want to become
    in life?

  • What are my achievements
    up until now?

  • What are my personal

  • What are my career

  • What steps have I taken
    to pursue these goals and ambitions?


2. Develop your vision

Once you’ve asked and answered these questions, you’ll have a
clear vision of who you are and what you want out of life. This takes us to the
second step; developing your vision. A smart tip is to provide yourself with
several options to reach your next goal.


That way, if something goes wrong or you face an obstacle,
you can switch to another path. Be flexible in your planning because usually
people tend to underestimate how long a certain project will take.


Another point people tend to not pay attention to is what
they don’t want to do. If you’re at work, you can make a list of
what-not-to-do, for example:


  • Check emails as soon as
    they come in

  • Keep too many tabs open
    at once

  • Keep cell phone on your

  • Check social media while
    you’re working


3. Assess your present-day situation


Implementing your plan can be difficult at first. But with
dedication and an eye on the prize, you’ll soon find that it becomes a daily
habit. It was
Jim Ryun who said, “Motivation is what get you started. Habit is what
keeps you going.”


Putting your strengths to good use will harness your energy levels
so that it’s utilized efficiently. You can set up milestones along the way
because smaller goals give you the motivation and drive you need to get to the
big ones. And each time you reach a milestone or achieve one of the small
goals, reward yourself for your hard work.


4. Review your progress


Each project needs to be reviewed and assess, and your exclusive
growth plan is no different. You can do it on a monthly basis, or every couple
of months, whatever feels comfortable for you. But it’s crucial that you take a
step back and look at all the hard work you’ve accomplished.


Check to see if you’ve left anything out or missed any
deadlines. Or maybe the mini-goals you set up last time don’t fit your criteria
any longer, they need tweaking or readjusting. Reflect on your experience and
consider everything you’ve learned. This will ensure that you keep moving
forward according with your long-term plan and the vision you’ve set up for


On a final note, you can draw up the perfect plan but if you
don’t follow through, you won’t get anywhere. Everyone needs practice to
develop and grow, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. Having
something to strive toward can renew your self-confidence and passion for life.

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