4 Ways to Improve Life Satisfaction

4 Ways to Improve Life Satisfaction

life is what you make it 

Sometimes it can seem like the grass is always greener on your neighbor’s lawn. There is always something else you need or want. These feelings of wanting can leave you feeling less than satisfied with your position in life.

What if you want to change how satisfied you are with your life, what can you do? Well, there are a ton of options that range from having friends, to getting a better job, and much more. Here are the top 4 ways that you can improve your overall life satisfaction.

Have A Close Friend

Time magazine recently reported that people with a close friend are up to 20% more satisfied with their lives than those who do not have someone close to them. The chances are that having someone to confide in about troubles and successes is a big component in this feeling of life satisfaction.

Having a close friend also shows that you have people that you trust and people find you trustworthy. These are both elements that evoke feelings of satisfaction in yourself. Try opening up to your friends to build deeper bonds of trust so that you can increase your life satisfaction.

 Join A Group

There are plenty of benefits to having an active social group. In fact, studies have shown that people without an active social group often die earlier than those who take part in regular social activities. According to INC.com, researchers recently found associations between group identification and enhanced well-being.

People who were part of a group often felt like they were more in control of their lives. They also felt like they were more capable of completing daily tasks than those who were not part of a social group. The social group can be anything from a community organization to a religious group.

Stay Healthy

Nothing is worse than having a chronic health condition or being sick all the time. This is why staying healthy through proper diet and exercise is one of the easiest ways to improve your overall life satisfaction. Fox News reported that people living a healthy lifestyle had a greatly improved mental well-being.

Being physically able to care for yourself provides comfort and confidence as you age. The benefits of being physically healthy effect not only your life satisfaction by changing how you feel, but will affect your job satisfaction, your relationship satisfaction, and other facets of your life. There really is no downside to eating well and staying healthy.

Change Your Thinking

Positive Psychology Program highlights how the ways you think about yourself and your environment is directly related to your life satisfaction. Establishing positive thought habits can help increase your life satisfaction. When you catch yourself viewing things in negative terms or through a negative experience, you should change that.

Because life satisfaction differs from happiness, it can be changed by adjusting your point of view. You can choose to be satisfied with what you have. You can also choose to be satisfied by chasing goals and dreams. Life satisfaction is more about how you view what you have, rather than constantly seeking happiness.

If you’d like to know more about your life satisfaction, you may want to check out the satisfaction with life scale created by Ed Diener. These tests offer measured life satisfaction markers that you can use to evaluate where you may need to make improvements in your outlook or in the function of your life.

Having close friends and being part of a group are two of the biggest life satisfaction indicators available. Social connection is very important to humans, especially as we age. Staying healthy will also increase your life satisfaction by enabling you to perform better both at home and at work. Finally, you can focus on the positive elements in your life to maintain satisfaction. Forcing out negative thoughts and emotions about your circumstances will assist you in keeping a high level of satisfaction.

Remember, life is what you make it and how you take it.



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