5 Key Tips For A More Well You!

5 Key Tips For A More Well You!

total wellness

Wellness. What is it? Wellness goes beyond physical health, but it dives into mental health and spiritual health as well. In our fast-paced culture, maintaining wellness can be hard. Our priorities get out of whack, and we tend to neglect our own needs.

If you’re finding
that you’re craving more balance in your life,
you may be seeking total wellness. Here are 5 key tips that you can use for a
more well you.

Make Self-Care A Priority

This can be
hard for some people. Self-care is not the daily maintenance we do with
ourselves like brushing our teeth or taking a shower. Self-care is taking the
time to check in with yourself and devote time to your own needs and wants.
Whether that self-care is done by reading a book, having a 15-minute
meditation, exercising or socializing; it is important you dedicate time for

An article
on the American Dance Therapy Association website talks about ways to
prioritize self-care. They recommend you set aside time once a week for you to
complete self-care. This should be done when you have no other obligations, and
you can start with as little as 10 minutes. Set
the alarm on your phone if you need a reminder.

Get Regular Check-Ups

When was the
last time you went to see your doctor
when you weren’t sick? If you don’t remember when your last physical was, it
may be time to go in to get your annual check-up. During the annual screening, your doctor will run routine
bloodwork that can catch life changing conditions in early stages before they
become serious. Also at a regular check-up with your doctor, you can discuss any health care concerns you have. Seeing a
physician once a year is a good way to maintain your health and wellness.

Keep an Active Social Circle

One of the
worst things for people as they age is to become isolated socially. In an
article featured on Forbes.com social isolation can severely impact your
mortality rate. People who do not have frequent social encounters have higher
risks for many health conditions as well. Keeping your friends, and finding new
ones as you age, can have an important
benefit to your wellness into your later years.


No, not like
moving your house and not like exercise either. Move in your everyday
activities. Figure out ways to get off of your bum to stay active throughout
the day. Even if you have a desk job, it is important to stay on your feet.

A study
recently reported by Harvard Health showed the longer you sit, the shorter your lifespan. They have
actually dubbed this sitting disease. Sedentary people are at higher risks for
many metabolic disorders and often develop obesity.
Incorporating non-exercise activity into
your daily routine is the fastest way to reduce this risk.

Pray, Meditate, Do Yoga

meditation, and restorative yoga all activate parts of the mind that can decrease
anxiety and stress. They also increase longevity in those who regularly
practice these activities. It doesn’t matter which activity you choose as all
three will activate the same chemical altering areas of the brain.

Studies have
been shown that those who believe in the activities tend to get the most out of
it. Nuns and Monks who pray and meditate had higher brain responses on imaging
than laymen. This may be due to practice or devotion to the belief system.
Either way, these three systems will help you relax and feel connected to those
around you giving you an overall sense of wellness.

If you
weren’t sure how to get started on a path to total wellness, you have a good
starting point now.

Practice self-care, see your doctor, keep your friends
and keep moving, finally connect with the spiritual side of you. All of these
steps will set you on the right path to a more well you.


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