5 Reasons to Get Excited About Aging

5 Reasons to Get Excited About Aging

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“The problem with youth is that it’s wasted on the wrong people.”

     – George Bernard Shaw

As people, we’re obsessed with youth and always have been. As athletes get older, they have to retire and work in the media.


As movie stars age, their roles become restricted to foolish parents and demented next-door neighbors. After all, there is no way a sixty-five year old male can have be cast in the role of Romeo ever again.


But while there is very little we can do to control the fact that we do have to get older and play different roles, such as parents and then grandparents and then even great grandparents, this doesn’t mean that we have to throw in the tool by the time we turn fifty and leave the world up to the youth.


It doesn’t mean we have to become boring old people who “take responsibility” and go to bed at 9pm because “that’s what old people are supposed to do.”


In fact, aging comes with a ton of great benefits. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you should be getting excited about aging.


You Are Probably Happier Now More Than Ever


According to ScienceDirect, we get happier as we get older. We are more content with what we’ve got in life and have finally found our mojo, which is all you can really ask for, right?


This is probably because when we’re young, we’re still finding our feet. We often feel lost and disillusioned and don’t quite know what we want out of life. Do we want to get married at 25 or do we want to hold onto our freedom for a bit longer? What is our dream job? How will we save for retirement?


Middle age is no better; we’re often stressed with our jobs and worried about the future.


However, when we’re older, we finally have some perspective and we know exactly what we want from life or we already got it.


Expectations decrease, as do pressures to make decisions and take action.


Your Marriage Is Stronger


According to a study carried out by BerkeleyNews, marriages get stronger with each anniversary.


When we’re young and in love, things are still rocky. There are issues over bills, whether or not we really want kids, and so on.


However, as the years pass, we realize how much we love our partner. There are more expressions of affection, more quality time spent together and more mental symbiosis.


You’ve Got Experience


When we’re younger, we’re often more than a little bit green when it comes to handling certain situations. Perhaps we explode every time someone criticized us, or perhaps we’re a little bit too guilty of overreacting when we don’t get something we want, such as a job.


However, as you get older, you grow wiser. You have a wealth of experience to rely on whenever situations get tough. You can handle social conflicts better and you can offer fresh perspectives on things.


You Can Live In The Moment


When we are young, we only think about the future. We can’t wait to turn 21 so we can drink.


We are obsessed with getting ahead in our careers and can’t wait to do so.


We worry about saving for the future, college tuitions, and retirement, and having enough money to support a young family.


Planning, planning and more planning for the future where we will be in a years’ time.


That’s the problem with being young; it’s hard to live in the present moment. You’re forever looking ahead, setting goals, and wondering where you’ll be in the future.


When you get older, you can relax and live in the present. This is an amazing gift of nature and leads to contentment and satisfaction.


What will be will be!


You Can Actually Go To Bed Early


Most young people love to party, staying out all night and all the late nights are exhausting. There was a certain social pressure to go out and party.


Couple this with the demands of work and it is exhausting.  


As you get older, 9:30 pm suddenly becomes a respectable bedtime. You can crawl under the sheets and switch off from the world without anyone bothering you. And it’s amazing.


Of course, you are also free to party all night should you want to, another perk of being older, you are more free to do what you want.

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