5 Signs Of Personal Powerlessness

Signs Of Personal Powerlessness

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Your personal power is your ability to change your own life. It is based on a number of factors, including how strong, confident, and capable you feel. When you have personal power, you believe that you can realize your goals and achieve your dreams, that you can become what you want in this world.


Having this attitude about yourself and your abilities allows you to control your own fate. But, all too often, we relinquish this power to others, leaving us feeling personally powerless.

of all the times in your life that you admonish yourself for doing or thinking
something because it is “wrong” or “bad,” when you shove your needs or values
aside to accommodate others. How often do you compromise or settle to make
others happy?


are all ways you give over your personal power to others, which compromises
your ability to live your life on your terms. Here are five signs that you are
becoming personally powerless, which means you need to make some changes to
start living your life on your terms.


You Can’t Say No


are many people who feel intense guilt or shame when they turn down a request
or offer from someone else. They simply can’t say “no” to helping someone out
or doing a favor, even when it is not convenient or forces them to compromise
their own needs.


symptom of this is telling lies to avoid confrontation. All of these are signs
that you can’t stick up for yourself or set healthy boundaries that allow you
to live life on your terms.


You Are Always Jealous of Other People


you do not love and accept yourself as you are, then you may find yourself
envious of the skills, accomplishments, or lifestyle of other people. Jealousy
is a sign that you are allowing the actions and lives to influence how you
choose to live your life. Worrying about what other people are doing or how
they live their lives means you do not have the power to control your own


You Sabotage Your Health


main reason you give up your personal power is that you are struggling to love
yourself. And this is clear when you do not treat your body and mental health
with the respect it deserves. Loving someone means taking care of them, which
is why we protect babies, pets, and other vulnerable people in our lives.


not protect yourself, as well? Drinking, smoking, overeating, doing drugs, and
finding excuses to not look after your health all tell other people that you
are struggling to love yourself and are giving away your power to control your


Your Life is Dictated by External Forces


other people, society, or norms to dictate what you do in your life is a sure
sign you have personal powerlessness. Making decisions based on your partner,
children, or parents’ goals, doing things because your church tells you it is
what is best, or conforming to societal pressures means you have relinquished
control over your destiny, and you are repressing your own needs.


Your Emotions Control Your Life


you feel incapable of controlling your life, it is easy to allow your strong
emotions to control your decisions. Whether it is sorrow, rage, or glee,
letting your feelings guide your choices means you have given up rational
decision-making. It is okay to feel these emotions, but it is equally essential
that you process them and allow them to empower you, not to drive you.




and improvement come from a desire to love and accept yourself. And personal
power is only possible when you embrace these concepts. A foundation of
self-acceptance and love will help you take back the power in your life and
accomplish everything you set your mind towards.


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